Welcome to the 1/5th Scale Large Scale On-Road Section, known as 1/5th Scale LS Racing.

This is the most realistic form of racing compared to real size touring cars both in terms of handling and technical aspect.

1/5th Scale Cars are run on tarmac tracks. They run 23cc 2 Stroke Engines, similar to strimmer engines. They are rear wheel drive driven and have a single speed clutch & diff set up. Running 4 wheel disc brakes, normally hydraulic based but also cable based depending on brand.

The great thing about 1/5th Scale Cars is that you can get full competition, aluminium & carbon based cars or you can also get the highly popular FG Mini Car, which is a stripped down, shorter wheel based 1/5th Scale Car, which is great for beginners or those on a budget.

This scale of R/C Racing is all about having fun, racing with a smile and learning as much as possible among fellow racers. With tracks all around the UK & Northern Ireland, its easy to find a track near you.

Register online now for this year’s Large Scale On-Road BRCA National Championship

New FULL Committee map the future of the section out 'Bigger and Going Large' !

The Large Scale on road section are pleased to announce their 2017 calendar for National events

Open meeting to discuss the running of the Large Scale On Road Section in 2017 + the 2017 race Calendar 

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