The BRCA 1/10th EC Formula 1 Committee are pleased to announce an F1 Indoor National Series for 2022/23, in collaboration with the BRCA GT Circuit Committee.

We will race F1 on Saturdays at many popular venues on the GT12 national tracks, see dates below.

R1 – Sat 8th October – Eastbourne
R2 – Sat 26th November – Stafford
R3 – Sat 17th December – Chesterfield
R4 – Sat 7th January – Stoke
R5 – TBC – Tamworth

There will be 2 classes for F1 (BRCA or open tyres), both will run mainly to 2022 10th EC Formula 1 rules (section 15) as found here:

Highlights are:
• 21.5T brushless motors with blinky mode ESCs
• 2S LiPo batteries charged to 8.40V maximum
• Minimum weight 1050g

Additionally for indoor racing, the following rules will apply:
• Maximum 8 cars per race (heats and finals)
• Minimum ride height 4.0 mm
• No tyre warmers
• Additives from BRCA 1/12 approved list as found here:

The BRCA tyre class will run the Pit Shimizu XG-571C front and XG-575D rear from Schumacher as the control tyre. These have a BRCA sticker and coloured dot to identify them.

The open tyre class will allow any foam or rubber tyres, with a maximum car width of 200 mm for this class only.

Come and join us for some fun racing with your F1 this winter, booking in can be found right here on the BRCA website, just login to enter!

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