BRCA 1/10 Electric Section Committee

Welcome to the 10th Electric Circuit Section of the BRCA, sometimes known as "Touring Cars"

The BRCA 10th Electric Circuit Section, together with the host clubs, run a professional, friendly and well organised competitions that welcomes drivers of all abilities. 

Our aim is to organise the best national championships in the world while giving good value for money.

For 2022 we are running 2 national events contested over 6 rounds. The 2 wheel drive nationals cater for F1 and front wheel drive touring cars and the 4 wheel drive nationals cater for 3 classes of 4 wheel drive cars.

We hope you will come and race with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if we can be of any assistance.

Good luck with your racing during the forthcoming season.

Gareth Hollis, Chairman

In 2022 Eastbourne made their worst start in the short history of the KOC series. 4th place in RD2 left the club behind Adur, Aldershot and West London in the standings. From there, the team bounced back like all great champions. Coming into RD5, the home side needed to finish 3rd to take the title for a third consecutive time.

The team's championship is a signature feature of the King of Clubs series. Each club nominates six drivers from their membership to make the team for the round. These drivers then score points for the club based on their position in their first final race - no matter which final they are in - 1 pt for first, 2 for a second, 3 for third etc. The club with the lowest score wins the round.

Coming into the championship's final round, the Adur team needed to win and for either Aldershot, Colchester or West London to finish ahead of Eastbourne to take the title themselves.

We would like to hear from suppliers / manufacturers that wish to submit tyres for both the 2 and 4 wheel drive championships in 2023. We always seem to do if too late to allow any testing so this year we set a deadline of 1st September for submissions then the vote sometime in oct. After the deadline closes we will announce the options so you all know choices and what to test.

Please email markbtrinder@gmail.com for any questions and a submission form.

Dear 10th Electric Circuit Racer/mechanic/partner/family member


We need your help in developing our sections presence in the virtual world.

The popular Stafford Radio Control Model Car Club has joined southern clubs Eastbourne Electric Car Club and Adur Model Car Club to offer mid-week evening racing.

As the spring weather warms the country, and the days grow a bit longer, midweek outdoor racing in the 1/10 electric on-road section is growing in popularity. EECC, Based in the south-east and the former BRCA ‘Club of the Year’ has long been a popular destination for racers looking for a mid-week RC fix year-round. Racing under lights in winter is a challenge for drivers and bodyshell race painters alike.

Adur Model Car Club followed suit, collaborating with its neighbouring club to run Friday night races under lights provided by a local electrician and sponsor DTS Electrical. This has proven equally popular, with 40 racers regularly turning out for an evening of racing and shared takeaway pizzas.

And now the much loved Stafford RCMCC has followed suit, switching from indoor racing mid-week to Thursday night outdoor races. No pizza deliveries are needed as the cricket club next door offers sustenance to racers after 5 pm. These weekly events look destined to be popular in the region, not just in the run-up to the BRCA 2WD National races taking place on 22-May 2022. West Midlands RC racers should check out the details on the Stafford RCMCC website for more details, while those in the South-East should check out EECC and AdurMCC.

Visit www.staffordrcmcc.co.uk


Eastbourne Club

Adur Club

Calling ALL On Road Clubs.......    

Would you like to hold a round of the 2023 BRCA 10th Electric Circuit 2WD/4WD Nationals?

If so please could you fill in this ONLINE FORM by no later than Friday 16th September 2022.

Please can you share this round and tell your local /favourite clubs to apply if you would like to see them on the calendar for 2023.

Thank you

Ben. Section Secretary.

Paul and Jonathan Ellis delivered wins in the wet as the weather put Gremlins in the machinery during round two of KOC22.

The MB Models King of Clubs series is quickly establishing itself in the world of RC racing with fantastic racing, some influential innovations and some rapidly established traditions. The Saturday night Adur BBQ is already one such custom. The after-dinner campsite tug of war could well become another. After a beautifully sunny day, the red sky at night lore reassured campers, unbelieving the met-office forecasts of rain on Sunday.

BRCA 2WD Nationals 2022 Rd1 Cotswold – 16/17th April
The new format race meeting for this year sees the FWD cars and the Formula 1 cars racing together under the new 2WD meeting structure. The F1 cars are left pretty much unchanged from 2021 regulations however the FWD have had a huge change in relation to control electronics from Hobbywing with a Rev limited ESC and a controlled timing motor and also a control tyre. Not only this but all drivers had to deal with a new 3 Qualifiers and 3 finals which puts more emphasis on the RACING.
We had glorious sunny weather all weekend which was an absolutely brilliant way to kick off the series. There were around 80 drivers at this meeting which was awesome to see!
Formula 1
In F1 it was the usual 3 drivers of Luke Lee (XRAY), Michael Lee (Schumacher) and James Greener (XRAY) leading the way with Nicky Taylor not too far behind. The cars looked good on the tyre/additive combo.
Top 10 in qualifying
1. Luke Lee
2. Michael Lee
3. James Greener
4. Nicky Taylor
5. Gordon Dempsey
6. Ian Watson
7. Craig Williams
8. Andrew Birch
9. Jason McConomy
This class had a huge entry of around 70 drivers and the racing looked brilliant on the track. Ben Cosgrove (AWESOMATIX) took the charge with extremely talented local driver Christopher Brain (AWESOMATIX) ahead of Sam Law (AWESOMATIX). The A final was covered by about 8 seconds from 1st to 10th in a 5 minute run, 4th place to 10th was less than 4 seconds showing how super close and competitive this class is!
Top 10 in qualifying
1. Ben Cosgrove
2. Christopher Brain
3. Sam Law
4. Mark Trinder
5. Darren Tickner
6. Colin Jackson
7. David Hall
8. James Millbank
9. Gareth Hollis
10. Jamie Hickin
The finals were good to watch and had some really close and exciting racing throughout the field.
In the F1 class Luke Lee had a perfect trio of finals on paper but leg 2 saw an inspired drive coming from over half a lap back on Michael to make the pass as they came across the line! Super clean and very aggressive driving was great to watch! The rest of the grid more or less finished where they had started apart from the last leg where Nicky beat James to 3rd place.
Overall results
1. Luke Lee
2. Michael Lee
3. James Greener
4. Nicky Taylor
5. Gordon Dempsey
6. Ian Watson
7. Craig Williams
8. Jason McConomy
9. Andrew Birch
The FWD cars as stated before had some brilliant battles all through the finals and in general lots of clean passes. The sharp end of the A final saw Ben taking a dominant win from Chris with Sam back in third as they qualified. 
Overall results                
A Final
1. Ben Cosgrove
2. Christopher Brain
3. Sam Law
4. Mark Trinder
5. Colin Jackson
6. Darren Tickner
7. David Hall
8. Gareth Hollis
9. James Millbank
10. Jamie Hickin
B Final
1. Stewart Woodend
2. Steph Abbott
3. Andy Faulkes
4. Richard Ludlam
5. David Milford
6. Matt Howard
7. Jamie Hall – Under 13 top Junior
8. Justin Walsh
9. Michael Ball
10. David Allen
C Final
1. Stephen Davies
2. Ian Willacy
3. Adam Burgess
4. Mark Raddenbury
5. Ricky Copsey
6. Mark Young
7. Martin Southall
8. Gareth Coates
9. James Donovan
10. Sam Groves
D Final
1. Ian Harris
2. Dan Osborne
3. Chris Green
4. Alan Chipolina
5. Simon Osbourne
6. Peter Winton
7. Kyle Hill
8. Terry Atkinson
9. Nick Wyse
10. Nigel Wise
E Final
1. Andrew Cooper
2. Adam Glover
3. Tim Webb
4. Peter Hill
5. Chris Forrest
6. Cristopher Mitchell
7. Kristian Opushenski
8. Alfie Hart
9. Iain Gordon
10. Richard Sherwin
F Final
1. Preston Hollis – Top Under 17 Junior
2. Dean O Connell
3. Pete Allan
4. Megan Davidson
5. Andrew Birch
6. Stuart Trayte
7. Paul Johnson
8. Martin Woodcock
9. Anthony Middleton
10. Chloe Cosgrove
All of us on the BRCA committee would like to thank the club for a perfectly run meeting, brilliant scrutineering and a great food van. A huge thank you must go out to all the racers who put their trust in the new regenerated class of FWD and we really hope the F1 guys not present this past weekend come and join back in at the future rounds!!
Thank you for all being accommodating with the FWD ESC blinky checks, not a single driver checked was in the wrong mode which is brilliant.
Thank you to 6KRacing and Ti22 for being trackside to supply the pits with spur gears and pinions as well as other goodies.
See you all at the next meeting at Stafford 21/22 May 2022

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