BRCA 10th Electric Circuit Modified Tyre Amendment

10th Electric Circuit

Control Tyre alteration for 10th Electric Circuit Modified class - 2017 at BRCA Nationals

Sorex tyres for Halifax & Cotswolds BRCA National - Modified Class.

Over the weekend of 22-23rd July, Schumacher employees were present at the Halifax track for testing. Halifax is the first venue during the 2017 that exposes the tyres to high levels of RPM and load. During this test, a small number of belt joint failures were found with the Sorex 32 BRCA control tyre whilst running at high speed in the modified class. This type of failure at high speed has the potential to cause significant damage to the car and may put marshals at risk should the cars leave the circuit. Given these findings, Schumacher returned to Halifax on 24-25th July to test alternate solutions to resolve the issue experienced in a small number of tyres.

During this further test conducted by Schumacher employees, the optimum solution was a Sorex 36RY tyre with the same wheel and insert as the current BRCA National tyre build.

Schumacher discussed these findings with the BRCA Touring Committee and it has been agreed that the Sorex 36RY tyre build (XG-36RY) will be used at the remaining two rounds of the 2017 BRCA National series in the Modified class only. The lower speeds and loads in the stock classes should not cause any issues with the current XG32-RY tyre build.

As a gesture to the racers and as an understanding of this unfortunate situation, outside of Schumacher's control, Schumacher will provide 1 set of XG36-RY tyres free of charge to the modified entrants at Halifax. Further, Schumacher will swap any unused, un-sanded and unmarked XG-32RY tyres for the XG-36RY tyres on the Saturday morning of the Halifax national.

Schumacher will also swap tyres for the Cotswolds national for those who require.

The XG-36RY Tyres will be on sale shortly. However it is Schumacher’s current priority that tyres are available in sufficient quantity for competitors at the Halifax BRCA National, at which tyres will be available. Due to this, the stock of tyres for sale in advance may be limited. Whilst this is not an ideal situation for the competitors, we feel it is in the best interest of all racers that these steps have been taken.

you can download the release here: BRCA 10EC Modified Tyre Amendment 2017

BRCA Touring Car Section Committee
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