10th Off Road Mid East Regionals Series 2020 


The brand new regional series for 10th off road bases in the East Midlands. Ran by a fantastic team of dedicated races with a local shop supporting it all, PBM Racing. 

Race Calendar 

Round 1 4WD - 5th April 2020 @ Bingham Model Raceway

Round 1 2WD - 2nd May 2020 @ Broxtowe Model Car Club

Round 2 4WD - 3rd May 2020 @ Broxtowe Model Car Club 

Round 2 2WD - 24th May 2020 @ A1 Racing Club 

Round 3 4WD - 5th July 2020 @ West Bridford Model Car Club 

Round 3 2WD - 7th June 2020 @ West Bridford Model Car Club

Round 4 4WD - 2nd August 2020 @ A1 Racing Club 

Round 4 2WD - 13th September 2020 @ Bingham Model Raceway

Round 5 4WD - 19th September 2020 @ Robin Hood Raceway

Round 5 2WD - 20th September 2020 @ Robin Hood Raceway


Race Format

2 Rounds of timed practice which are 4 minutes

4 Rounds of qualifying with the best 2 to count. Heats are 5 minutes

1 Final for all drivers which are all 5 minutes 



Two Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive 


Class Rules

Rules are per BRCA Handbook, Random cell voltage checks can be made before each heat is run, Batteries and motors as per BRCA Handbook.


Batteries + Battery Charging

The charging of LiPo batteries must be in a protective container. I.E a LiPo Charging Bag


Front Tyre Choice is open - Any Compound
Rear tyres

Proline Pyramid

Schumacher Mini Dart

Ballistic Buggy Spikes

Any Compound 



Marshalls must wait to be relieved before leaving their designated post to make it easier to identify that all marshalls are present.


Championship & Regional Championship Points Scoring System

The series will consist of 5 rounds with the best 3 to count to your overall championship score

Championship points for the 2020 season will be awarded for final position only with one bonus point awarded to the TQ driver (this is a change from previous years where points were awarded on both qualifying and final positions and has been brought in to bring us more into line with the national series. The winner of each Championship will be the driver that has the best 3 from 5 overall scores, that is of the five rounds of each class, your best three scores will go towards your overall Championship position and also your 2021 Formula grade.

Drivers are reminded that although they can race in more than one region they can only score Regional Championship points in one! They must inform the club officials they are scoring points in another region at the time of booking into the meeting. These drivers must be removed from the regional finals and be placed in the open class finals.

Junior Classes:

As with last year there will be two junior classes competing within the main body of both the two and four wheel drive Regional Championships. They are Under 13, that is under the age of 13 as of 01 January 2020 and Under 16, that is under the age of 16 as of 01 January 2020. The top 3 juniors in each age group at each meeting will be awarded trophies. Championship trophies will be awarded at the end of the season for both age groups.


Veterans V40 and V50 will again have their results calculated at the end of the year with trophies for the top three in the championship as well as a shield for the winners.

ALL Juniors (both U13 and U16) will race for FREE at ALL BRCA ME Regional Championship rounds.

Open Class:

We will host an open class at each of our meetings where drivers from other regions may compete as well as buggies we will permit the use of rally cars and both stadium and short course trucks. Drivers competing in the regional event may NOT enter the open class as well.
Open Class:


£12 seniors - Juniors FREE OF CHARGE



8:00 - 9:00 - Booking in

8:15 - 9:45 - Practice (in heat order)

10:00 - Drivers briefing

Heat 1 at 10:15, 11:25, 12:35, 13:45

Finals 15:00

For West Bridgford rounds the timetable will be as above but +1 Hour


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