1/12 Electric Circuit Additive Update

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1/12 Electric Circuit Additive Update




The BRCA 1/12 Electric Section Committee publishes a list of tyre additives permitted for use at BRCA nationals and sanctioned events.

At the AGM last June there were proposals concerning the additives list with the aim of bringing back the ‘oily’ additives. After much debate those additives - principally Speedtech and CS High - were not added back into the list and the requirement for non-oily additives remained.

The AGM the Committee were asked to go away and consider if there was a way to allow these additives on the list. Over the course of two subsequent Committee meetings we took the following actions and considerations into account.

We contacted the clubs organising our Nationals. Under Rule 1.5 organisers are able to limit the additives used at their Nationals. By the majority, all clubs were not willing to allow these additives at their meetings due to the problems of the additive soaking through carpet, and the oil being transferred to floors by those marshalling and walking on the track.

We also considered that in adding this to the list, we would be affecting the GT class and their Nationals as well as all club racing in both classes. They would also suffer similar problems, and racers using A foam tyres - a lot of clubs are using the Schumacher striped tyre - would suffer rotting tyres as we did before, and that black ‘grease’ that we get on our hands and kit.

After a lot of discussion we concluded that adding these additives to the list would have significant negative impact on our racing class, would not be available at the majority of our National meetings and would have an adverse effect on lots of clubs as well as drivers.

Whilst advocates say the pros are that there is better grip and cars are easier to drive, we feel that might help a few scores of drivers - not everyone at Nationals feels this is necessary - but the impact on hundreds of club drivers would be negative. We will not be adding these oily additives to the list.

I believe this is in the interests of our class and our drivers in general. We may learn more about additives at the Euros when it is likely that only the Hudy additive will be allowed, which is already on our list. For now, the list for next season remains as it is. I hope that the majority of our drivers will understand our reasons for this action.

Peter Winton
BRCA 1/12th Electric Section Chairman


BRCA 1/12 Section Committee                                                                                                                                                                3rd December 2018