1/12th European Championships 2017

1/12th Circuit

The 12th Scale (LMP) European Championships will be held in Sittard, Holland at Racing Arena Limburg on 31st March, 1st/2nd April. This is a change in the date published by EFRA.

Racing Arena Limburg is a permanent facility with shop and cafe in the premises and pitting for up to 100 drivers. It is about four hours drive from Calais and there are airports at Maastricht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Hotels in the town appear plentiful.

There will be two classes - 6.5 Modified and 13.5 Stock, both blinky. Full details of the rules will be available well before the event, things like additive allowed, etc. You may only enter one class this year.

Our GB application for places needs to be in as soon as possible. As far as BRCA qualification is concerned, if you would like to go, you can enter. Chances are the 13.5 Stock class will be open entry so that will be your responsibility - full details when we have them.

If you want to go I need your name, BRCA number and class choice at or before the MB National in ten days. Please email me at 12c.chair@brca.org with your name, BRCA number and class (13.5 or 6.5) in the subject line. Not in the email, in the subject line.

In past years we have organised coach trips and car convoys that make getting there and back part of the experience, so perhaps we can do that again. Anyone who remembers Ade Jefferies turning right on to the wrong side of the road will know what I mean!! 

Alan will be getting the presentation from the club up on brca.org in the next few days. If you have any questions about what is written here please post below. Any other questions about things not here, please wait until we post more information.

Get your interest registered with me for now and we'll keep you posted. Road trip!!

12th Race-Application-EC12-2017.pdf

Peter Winton - 12th Section Chairman

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