BRCA LMP12 Nationals Round 3 Tamworth CANCELLED

1/12th Circuit



Tamworth National - Cancelled

With great regret, we are having to cancel the Tamworth National this weekend due to a major incident concerning the roof of the school hall, and our inability to find an alternative venue available for both days this weekend with Friday set-up. Please do not travel to the venue, and please tell everyone you can that the event is cancelled. Every entrant will receive an email confirming this.

Yesterday the Wilnecote School advised Tamworth Club that a glass skylight had fallen into the hall. They scheduled an inspection for today, using scaffolding, to check all the skylights. The exact problem is not known to us, and it affects the whole roof. Repairs will not be made by the weekend. The School has secured the hall and made it off limits to everyone. We’d like to thank the School for keeping Richard Norris very well informed over the last 36 hours, and trying on our behalf to find another venue.

We spent today trying to find another venue. We had plenty of volunteers to get the kit from Tamworth to another place - thank you all. Sadly, after trying almost 12 venues, we cannot find one that is free this weekend. So, we have the entrants, we have the rug and we have the kit for a track and a rostrum - we just cannot find anywhere to put it all.

Finding a hall of the size of Chesterfield or Tamworth, with a pitting area, with electrics, with space for 90 people (and possibly more space than usual if everyone has to bring their own tables and chairs), with parking and some food, isn’t easy. No surprise that trying to do it at two days notice didn’t work.

I am really sorry everyone. Your entry money will be refunded as soon as we can, details are in the email you will receive tonight. We will be in touch once we have some idea of what will happen to this year’s series. We have to work to see if we can get another date to replace this one. Bear with us, we’ll tell you as soon as we know. Jim will be in touch with the UK2020 guys who were coming to Tamworth to test systems for the Worlds.