1/12th Circuit

The BRCA are so excited to bring you this news we are writing it less than 1 minute after it has been awarded.


The BRCA will be hosting the IFMAR World Championship at the fantastic Centre:MK in 2020 for 12th Circuit

Update 05/11/2018

IFMAR 12th Scale Worlds 2020

As you may all know by now, we, the BRCA, are going to host the IFMAR 12th Worlds in January 2020. In anticipation of the dozens of questions I am going to get at Barley Mow and by email, etc., here's the things you need to know about entering...

Selection of drivers will be from the handicap list in effect at the end of this season - Rule 13.Allocation of places according to IFMAR Rules for a maximum entry of 100 is as follows:EFRA , ROAR, FEMCA, FAMAR - 20 each
Host Bloc - 10, IFMAR 10.All EFRA Bloc allocations will be by the EFRA Track Chairman. Re-allocations will be by IFMAR to the Blocs (EFRA, ROAR, etc,) and then by the Blocs to the National Associations. It is possible to allocate entries on the day should there be no-shows.It would help me a lot if you could post below the questions you have so I can get them answered and keep people informed well in advance to help you all plan to be there, race, help in this great event.If you want to speculate please use another group, I would like people's questions here so we know what to put in to future communications.
Heaps of work to do between now and 2020!!