EFRA Euros 2020

1/12th Circuit

EFRA Euros 2020 - register for a place now!


Just when you thought it was over... we have the Euros! They take place from 6 to 8 March 2020 at Racing Arena Limburg in Sittard, Holland.

If you want to race, please register on the EFRA website. It's the same procedure as you used for the Worlds. If you get stuck registering, please let me (12c.chair@brca.org) or Jim (treasurer@brca.org) know. Remember to select the EC 12th Spec, or EC 12th Mod so you get in the correct class. You may enter both classes.

As this will probably be popular, it is not a free-for-all entry. Once everyone has registered, those eligible will be taken from the qualifying list as we did for the Worlds. Our allocations at present are eight places in Mod, 16 places in Spec - the biggest allocation to any EFRA country.

Please make sure you register in the next seven days. EFRA are trying to sort this out quickly. If there are any re-allocations we can ask for them. Jim needs to get this nailed down by the Chesterfield National on 25th Jan.

If you have trouble registering, email me and Jim. If you have any other questions please post here.