Important information for racers - update to Hobbywing speedos.

1/12th Circuit

Blinky mode update for racing. 

All drivers entering the EFRA GP, LMP and GT Nationals must update their Hobbywing 1S speed controller to firmware version 4.2.05 before they race in these events.


Details of how to do it are in the videos below.  On the day of each event, people will be available to help get this done for you.  It takes a few minutes.  Please ask a BRCA official to tell you who can do this for you.


The firmware has a new LED blinking sequence which will be checked at scrutineering in the usual way.  This sequence must be present for you to race.


Here's some HW videos to help:


Update using WiFi/BT version with OTA box. 


Update using Program box version.


This update ensures that zero timing is always used when blinky mode is selected.