2019 F2 Stockcars year review

1/12th Oval

New World Champion, New Silver roof Champion, find out whos who.....

The f2 season starts in January and runs for most of the year with the world finals in September. In 2019 we had 9 qualifying rounds and then the world final. Which was sponsored by TEKIN. After the 9 rounds the top point scorer becomes our silver roof, National points champion. We also have a Junior points list too. We want to recognise our up and coming junior drivers, so with all our championships we also run the junior race.

Congratulations Rob Whalley 919. Well done 2x top junior Noah Bailey on your silver roofs.

After 9 rounds the top 32 drivers are split into 4 quarters, top 4 from each quarter go into a semi-final, top 4 from each semi then go into the world final. If the current gold roof doesn’t qualify, he can join the final grid at the back. The winner then becomes no1 gold roof. The top 8 juniors run an 8 car junior world final. Winner gets the junior gold roof.

Congratulations 108 Morgan Williams on your first gold roof. Well Done 2x Junior gold Noah Bailey.

The Golden Helmet is run over 4 rounds and a final. After the 4 rounds the laps are counted up. The top 16 lap scorers are then split into 2 8 car semis. Top 4 from each semi into an 8 car final.  

Congratulations Noah Bailey our 2019 golden Helmet champion.

So quick run through the national rounds for you.

TTT kicks off the National series with a fantastic speed weekend. Sat night brings round 1 of the golden helmet won by Rob Barnard in his dot rocket. Sunday sees the first national round. With Noah Bailey taking the win in his Bailey car.

Round 2 takes us to SMF Raceway over in Wisbech. Smaller track than TTT. Definitely makes for fast close action racing. Tim Bailey took the win in his Bailey car.

Round 3 took us down south to Chelmsford Raceway in Essex. Tim Bailey on a mission again taking the win in his Bailey car.

Round 4 takes us to a town in Leicestershire. Hathern Raceway is using their Coffin track for their national round. Noah Bailey takes the win here in his Bailey car.

Round 5 takes us to Worcester for a fantastic speed weekend. Saturday night is golden helmet round 2. Won by David Tomlinson in his Dot Rocket. Rob Whalley takes the win of round 5 in his DGA.

Round 6 and were off down south to a little school hall situated near Gatwick airport. Hot Racers. Rob Whalley takes the win in his 919 DGA car.

Round 7 goes way up north to Coaltown in Scotland for another speed weekend. Saturday night is The Open Scottish Championship. Congratulations to Martin Nash on taking the win and taking his Scottish roof all the way home to Cornwall. Martin also won round 7 on the Sunday too. Martin is one of our most dedicated drivers. (some say he’s a little crazy) In 2019 Martin travelled to every national round, every championship and most meetings that the F2 section held. We worked out he travelled nearly 7000 miles throughout the year. Not including the time he puts in to his banger racing clubs too. So thankyou martin for your dedication to our section. Were happy to have you on board the Committee for 2020 season.

So round 8 takes us to Force Raceway speed weekend up in Wakefield. Saturday night Golden helmet round 3 was won by David Tomlinson in his Dot rocket.   Sunday sees round 8 national and was won by Morgan Williams in his Dot Rocket.

The last round takes us back down south to Guildford raceway. Noah Bailey takes the round 9 win in his Bailey car.

This was the last junior world race for Josh and George as they are both 16 and now no longer classed as juniors.   So well done to you both and good luck for next years racing.  

Round 4 of the Golden Helmet was run the night before the world finals. Noah Bailey took the win for round 4.     Now all the rounds were complete, we calculated the laps and ordered the semi finals. We ran the semi finals, giving us the top 8 drivers into the final. The finalists lined up and we ran the final. 2019 Golden Helmet Champion is Noah Bailey.  

World final day takes us to beautiful Gresley old hall, situated near Burton On Trent. 8am the sun is shining and people are getting the track down ready for a great day of racing. Taking the top 32 drivers that had booked in, we formulated our quarter finals. Top 4 from each to go through to the semis. After all the quarters we ran the Junior World Final race. Our youngest junior and only girl driver is Grace Miller. Just 10 years old on the day. Our 7 juniors lined up, including last year’s junior gold to defend his title. All smiling and excited. I think the parents were more nervous than the kids. I know I was. These kids race so good. These absolutely are the future of our sport. So Fast and skilled. The 6 minutes flew by, places changing every corner, cars bouncing and bumping. The lap times were amazing. First car over the line was Noah Bailey in his Bailey car, keeping his Junior World Championship Gold roof for a 2nd year.   Noah is just 11 years old, he won his first gold at just 10 years and 20 days old.

Well done to Josh coming in 2nd. George 3rd. Freddie 4th. Connor 5th. Grace 6th. Lucas 7th

This was the last junior world race for Josh and George as they are both 16 and now no longer classed as juniors.   So well done to you both and good luck for next years racing.  

So, onto the semis, some very surprised faces as they made it through when a favourite had been knocked out. This format definitely opened it up to anyone. Semi’s run. 8 cars through to the final. With Jake Swann joining the back of the grid as last years gold roof champion. Before the main race I got to go around and speak to all the drivers to get the spec sheet filled in. When speaking to Chris Partridge you could hear the excitement and nerves in his voice. I also had to fill out his spec sheet as he was shakeing he couldn’t hold the pen. 30 years of racing rc and this was his first world final. Well done Chris.

Time to grid them up. Pole position went to Morgan Williams, after earning top qualifier in the semis. This race was also important for family bragging rights. Father vs Son. Uncle Vs Nephew. All smiles but you could feel the tension. Awesome to see 2 of the juniors in the line up too. After a very long and tense 6 minutes the race was over. Morgan Williams crossed the line first. Followed by George Taylor 3 laps behind. Louis Selby 3rd. Jake Swann 4th. James Taylor 5th. Tim Bailey 6th. Chris Partridge 7th. Paul Galbreith 8th and Noah Bailey 9th.     4th 5th 6th all came in on the same lap.

For those who don’t qualify for the world final we run a Grand National race. 12 car final. Pole position was held by Lucas Reed after qualifying top. Always a good hard smashy race. Jordan Taylor is his DGA is our Grand National Champion.

Throughout the year we run many championships. One of the favourites is the English open championships. In 2019 that was held at SMF Raceway in Wisbech. Our English champion is Tim Bailey and our Junior English champion is George Taylor. The Junior English race was one of the best from this year. George and Noah battled for that first place.   Swapping places every corner, bumpers and pushing. The race was fantastic. Everyone on the day commented how good it was. Well done guys   Keep it up into 2020.

Going in to 2020 we have a new chairman. A whole new Committee. New sponsors and lots more fantastic racing.   2020 Golden Helmet championships will be sponsored by Schumacher who have given me some amazing prizes for the top 3 and top Junior.   The world final championships have 3 new sponsors. UFRA tyres. RCE and Next have all agreed some sponsorship and a great prize package.  

I would just like to say a massive thankyou to the 2018/2019 committee and chairman. Thankyou David Tomlinson, you have left big boots to fill and I hope I can do the section proud.

To all reading this, if you like the look of the cars and the feel of our racing, come along to a track near you. Have a go. Most clubs have a club car you can use. Everyone is friendly. Were one big family   we welcome people of all ages. Never worry about being too old or too young. This is a fantastic sport   come and get involved.

Emma xxDSC 1856