F2 British Long Track Championship 2018

1/12th Oval

The long track championship held at TTT Raceway - Report


On Sunday 11th November at 8am, the doors of the Old Hall Miners Club in Church Gresley opened to welcome 32 Brca drivers and their teams. All were ready to do battle in the F2 British long track championship. 


Photo 1 

The track, 17metre long and 6 metre wide. Original TTT track with extra length added. The pits were warm and dry. Track café was excellently manned by Karen and Emma. Who kept everyone well fed and watered all day.  Thankyou ladies. 

The race schedule: 4 rounds of 5 heats. Top 24 into two semis. Rest into a grand national. Each semi was 12 drivers and top 6 from each into a 12 car final. Rest to enter the grand national race.  There were also 5 juniors in attendance so we ran a Junior British long track championship too. 

After round 2, it was 11am  so we all stood and paid our respects with a 2 minute silence. 

The juniors always put on an excellent show. For saying they are all so young.   George Taylor (15) took pole position. Next to him Noah Bailey (10)     2nd row Freddie Clarke (11)  Josh Young (15)  Row 3  Grace Miller (9).   

Fast hard racing as they do.  To watch them, you’d never guess they were kids.  6 minutes of good racing.  Positions changing places every lap.  At the 6 minute final beep Noah took the win on 86 laps.  George came in 2nd with 80 laps. 3rd Josh 71 laps. 4th Grace with 52 laps. 5th Freddie with 16 laps.  Well done to all the juniors for a fantastic race.   Congratulations Noah Bailey on becoming the f2 British long track champion. 

Photo 2


All the heats ran.  Some very fast exciting racing. Plenty of bumper use and cars leaving the track.  Excellent work by the Marshalls. Definitely kept them on their toes all day. 

Championship final time, with young George Taylor (Jnr) taking pole position, Rob Whalley next to him. 2nd row was Louis Selby and Chelle Snowdon. 3rd row was Jake Swann and Mark Miller.  Row 4 was Graham Gamble and Mark Rodgers. Row 5.  Noah Bailey (Jnr) and Simon Bassett.  Row 6 was Alan Leighton and Paul Galbreith.   

Photo 3


Buzzer beeped and off they went. First corner carnage, George and Rob got through, closely followed by Noah.  Lots of bumpers and cars flying everywhere. The next 4 minutes passed so quickly.  Fast racing, lots of bumpers and nudging. Couple of cars had issues and a few flew off the track. Car changing positions every corner. With 1 minute to go Noah was in the lead. Followed by Louis, Rob, and George. At the 6 minute buzzer the counter stopped. Noah Bailey crossed the line first with 83 laps. Bringing home the win for team-pig in his Baileybuilt machine.   2nd was Rob Whalley in his Dot rocket 1.34sec behind Noah. 3rd Louis Selby in his Kamtec with 82 laps   4th George Taylor in his dga mongrel with 78 laps.        Well done everyone. Also nice to see 4 different car makes at the top of the list.  Fastest lap of the day goes to Rob Whalley in the final with a 3.648sec lap.

Photo 4 

All in all a fabulous day was had by everyone. Well done to everyone who took part.

Thankyou to the sponsors of the day. 

Mark Rodgers  from Team R paint and graphics.    Who put up  prizes for the top 4 winners.  Fully painted and designed bodies and roofs. Also for painting the body shell and roof of the junior winner, who won a body and roof combo for winning the junior race. 

Racer magazine.   For putting up a 12 month subscription for the final winner. 

Also thankyou to David Tomlinson and the TTT team for setting up and organising this event.