F2 Stockcar European Championship 2020

1/12th Oval

Who's going to be wearing the brand new Red and Yellow Chequered roof in 2020.......

The BRCA 12th scale f2 start their National calendar in January.

Our first outing was to Essex stock car club (ESCC) for the European and the first World Qualifying round.

Saturday 4th January was the European Championship. The First time this trophy and roof grade has been up for grabs.

We had 28 drivers turn up to do battle for the red and yellow chequered roof.   4 of them were our top Junior racers who got to battle it out on track to become our Junior European champion.

Throughout the day we ran our heats, to find our top 18 drivers.

Top 2 straight through were Martin Nash and Morgan Williams. The next 16 in to 2 semis with the top 3 from each into the final. We ran the semis and got our top 8 for the European final.

First of the finals was the Junior European championship. These kids are fantastic on track. The Junior World Champion took pole position. Noah Bailey raced a fantastic race in his Bailey built car and led the whole race. Coming in first to take the chequered stripe home, followed by Todd Williams in his Dot rocket, 3rd Connor Reed in his Kamtec and 4th Lucas Reed driving his kamtec.

Now onto the main event, the European Championship.

Martin Nash on pole with Morgan Williams by his side. 3rd row was Noah Bailey and Phil Chadbourne. 3rd row Louis Selby and David Tomlinson. 4th row Tim Bailey and Ben Denyer.

These drivers are so fast and clean. 6 minutes of super fast and smooth driving, places changing on most corners, plenty of bumpers and nudging. Buzzer dinged and the new European champion crossed the line. That was such a close race.  

The new BRCA F2 European champion is Morgan Williams in his dot rocket. With 117 laps.   Coming in 2nd was Noah Bailey with 117 laps and coming home 3rd in his Dot Rocket was Martin Nash   Also with 117 laps. There was 2 whole seconds between the top 3 drivers.   Super close finish.

Coming in 4th was Phil Chadbourne in his Avenger (114 laps), 5th was David Tomlinson in his Dot Rocket(114 laps). 6th Ben Denyer in his Dot Rocket(113 laps). 7th Tim Bailey in his Bailey built car(109 laps) and 8th Louis Selby in his Mardave who retired early with a broken car(44 laps).

So a great days racing in Essex has given us 2 Brand new champions. Congratulations to both our current gold top drivers.    Morgan Williams 1 European champion. And Noah Bailey 117 Junior European champion.

What a great days racing. Everyone left ready to roll into the first World championship qualifying round on the Sunday.  


DSC 2652