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Kamtec F2 Stock Cars World series Round 4 at Solent Mardave

1/12th Scale Stockcars

April 30th saw the F2 Stock cars move to a new venue for round 4 of the KAMTEC World Championship Series right down on the south coast near Portsmouth, Solent Mardave doors opened at 8.30am to see this very big oval super smooth very grippy track


After all cars had been through scrutineering track was opened up to free practice with drivers briefing straight after and round 1 starting on time at 10am.
Heat 1 round 1 Dave Tomlinson through the gauntlet down with a 90 laps not to be beaten in the next 3 round , there was some very fast close racing , Solent mardave kept us on our toes with only 5 mins between each round with round 4 completed by 12.30pm , we had 1hr dinner break and after we had sorted out best 3 from 4 the top four driver straight through was Dave Tomlinson , Dan Skeels , Keith Dowsett, and Chris Usher.
Racing restarted at 1.30pm with the first of two semi finals running for 6mins all very close stuff with some great passing top two to go into final was Mark Steel 104laps and Phil Chadbourne103 laps ( Phil not having a very good day decided to use electronic speedo which gave him some more speed and a place in the final)
Second semi wasn't as good as the first drivers not able to get into some kind of flow  which showed in the lap scores , drivers through are Martin Nash 102laps and Chelle Snowden 100laps
Next race was the Grand National that's all the non qualifying drivers  9 drivers took part didn't see the race I was getting ready for the final  but looking at the sheet it was close with Callum Ogden 90 laps taking the win from Ian Ward 89 laps second and Jason Reed 87 laps third.
The main final , Dave Tomlinson on pole taking the inside  and Dan Skeels in second and Keith Dowsett on third so it was going to be hard for the first two or three laps  Dan managed to slip passed Dave on the inside and was away lap 4 saw some coming together of cars knocking pole man down to 5th and Chelle up from 6th to second Keith managed to move into 2nd on lap 31 staying there till lap 84 with Dave making his way back up to 3rd and taking 2nd on lap 90 dropping Keith to third  and this is how it stayed to the finish very good race and some fast cars well done everybody results are shown in the picture

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