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Kamtec F2 Stock Cars World series Round 5 Guildford

1/12th Scale Stockcars

It was an early start required the F2 Stock Car racers attending Round 5 of the World series at Guildford as most had to negotiate the infamous M25 on the way 


The new F2 Stock Car tracks keep getting bigger and bigger, three carpets wide and plenty of room for some fast racing .
With the cafe been open for full breakfasts and drinks and the bar open at dinner everybody was happy.
Down to the racing after the first round of five heats if you was going to make it straight through to the final you had to be in the high 70laps to low 80 laps , we had Matt Bennett from F1 with his new MBR going really well and Luke Manhire with his HF2-LM Pro showing some speed and going well, so after 4 rounds with your best three to count the drivers going straight through were Matt Bennett ,Luke Manhire, Dave Tomlinson, and Dan Skeels with four different makes of car.
So down to the semi finals with some very quick drivers  in both the semi and there was going to be some disappointed drivers and there was Phil Chadbourne missed the cut by 1.2sec in the first semi with Martin Nash and James Stamp going through and in the second semi Allan Inness missing the cut be 1.7sec with Keith Dowsett  and Daniel Stamp going through .
The final and on pole and top qualifier and taking the bonus point and asking for inside position was Matt Bennett and at the start Dave in third and a problem with the motor couldn't get away causing problems behind after that Matt Keith Luke and Dan Skeels got locked into a battle so after 6 mins Matt finished up the winner by one lap from Keith Dowsett and Luke coming home Third.
Just like to say a big thank you to the Guildford crew for putting on a great meeting for us and hope to see you in 2018

Dave Tomlinson 

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