TTT Race Weekend

1/12th Oval

Read here to check out what happened at the TTT weekend 


Saturday night was the first round of the Brca F2 Team powers golden helmet championship held at TTT raceway, drivers used there standard
​ F2 cars but with a standard spec Team Powers motor, this made the cars a little faster than usual but most drivers took to the change in there stride.



Racing followed last years format of four rounds of qualifying, the top 16 drivers making one of the two semi finals, the top 4 from each semi making the final.

racers were trying hard to get there, some better than others but the lucky 16 who made it. The rest of the drivers who didn't make it this far were invited to join the grand national.


Semi final 1 finishing positions were 

1st Martin Nash 87 laps

2nd Noah Bailey 0.13 of a second behind!

3rd Chelle Snowden 82 laps

4th Paul Galbreith 81 laps

5th James Taylor 81 laps

6th Matthew Chambers 81 laps

7th Owen Bates 59 laps

8th Ryan Stuart (DNS)


some very close racing!


Semi final 2 

1st Clive Buckler 92 laps

2nd Simon Basset 90 laps 

3rd David Tomlinson Snr 88 laps 

4th George Taylor 86 laps

5th Louis Selby 86 laps 

6th Richard Ruse 84 laps

7th Warren Selby  82 laps

8th Bob Harley 65 laps



next race was the Grand National 8 cars took place and it was rough and tumble right to the final lap. Graham Gamble took 1st place with 81 laps, Mark Rodgers took 2nd place with 80 laps and 3rd place was taken by Courtney Orme 


Courtney Orme taking his 3rd place trophy in the grand national​




 Mark Rodgers taking his trophy  for 2nd in the grand national 


1st place in the grand national for Graham Gable​


Now it was time for the final, some nervous drivers took to the stand waiting for the off, the buzzer sounded and they were off, some very very close racing was to follow with a couple of surprises in the final standings,

1st place was Clive Buckler on 90 laps who was in a word....rapid, his car was so quick and so well set up

2nd was Noah Bailey on 87 laps (said it before and i will say it again, this lad is going places)

3rd George Taylor 86 laps

4th Simon Bassett 86 laps

5th David Tomlinson Snr 86 laps 

6th Chelle Snowden  85 laps

7th Martin Nash 83 laps

8th Paul Galbreith 82 laps 

very close racing and a good result for the first of what we all hope will become a regular thing 



Sunday was the main event the first official national round following the new rules and regulations following last years AGM.


41 Drivers were booked in for this first round which was a great turn out, the little TTT club was packed with people which made for a great and friendly atmosphere, hot food and drinks were on offer all day, most people left with full bellies, a big smile and plenty to talk about on the way home.​onto the racing four packed and very hectic rounds of racing followed , the top two who battled there way to the top were Matthew Bennett and Dan Skeels. Matthew Bennett was having a brilliant day, Smashing the 5 minute  track record with an impressive 101 laps, in round 1, only for Chris Usher to match it in Round 2 , not to be out done Matthew did it again in heat 16, impressive stuff lads!the results of the 6 minute semi final 1 were1st Chris Usher 113 laps2nd James Taylor 111 laps3rd Phil Chadbourne 110 laps4th Colin Phillips 110 laps5th David Tomlinson Snr 109 laps6th RTob Whalley 108 laps7th Ian Rolph 107 laps8th Allan Innes 105 lapsSemi 2!st Mark Steel 110 laps2nd Tim Bailey 108 laps3rd Ryan Stuart 107 laps4th Noah Bailey 106 laps5th Jake Swann 105 laps6th Owen Bates 104 laps7th Martin Nash 103 laps8th Chris Partridge 102 laps as you can see it was very close racing with very little separating the places   

Before the finals  the grand national took place and it could only be described as...... bedlam 16 cars on the short track all together, it was fun but hard and rough going, not all the cars finished this one! even the lap counting computer screamed enough half way through the race !, when it was finally over and the computer had caught up the results showed Louis Selby in 1st place with 88 laps, Chelle Snowden in 2nd with 82 laps and Michael Clague in 3rd with 82 laps.5
​the drivers ready for the off6


The cars ready for the off So onto the final some great racing followed but there can only be one winner1st Matthew Bennett 118 laps2nd Chris Usher 115 laps3rd James Taylor 113 laps4th Dan Skeels 109 laps5th Tim Bailey 109 laps6th Phil Chadbourne 107 laps7th Mark Steel 107 laps8th Ryan Stuart 100 laps a massive well done to all the drivers concerned 


​​Matthew Bennett collecting his first prize trophy after taking the win8
​the winners circle The first Brca national was deemed to be a success, all the new rules and regulations seemed to go down well and made the day run smoothly, most drivers went home happy with how the day had gone, a big thank you to all at TTT raceway for putting on an excellent weekends racing.hopefully see you all at the next nationals which is at Smf raceway on February 18th, details can be found on the main BRCA website or the official rc f2 face-book page