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Hello and welcome to 12th Oval Racing.

This class of racing is the oldest in the country and started off way back in the 1970s. The cars we race today are 1/12th scale replicas of the modern day Oval cars with some of the Old style cars mixed in. 12th Oval cars are of a simple design but have the strength to cope with most types of contact which is part of Oval racing. That said, the cars are typically straightforward to drive at a basic level and are traditionally quite easy to get the hang of quickly.

The relative simplicity of an Oval car chassis ensures that this is a competition that truly rewards a driver’s skill, consistency and ability to understand car setup. The result of a five minute national race is regularly decided by fractions of a second.  12th Oval can be raced all year round and there is likely to be an indoor club near you which supports the class at their weekly events.

The 12th Scale Oval Section races Hot Rods, Ministox, Bangers & Saloon Stocks, and new for 2016 Saloon Stocks have been split into 2ltr and 1300cc formulas.

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