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R/C Bikes provide something a little different from the usual car racing. They look fantastic on the track, with extreme lean angles, power slides and wheelies. Weighing in around 2Kg and reaching speeds in excess of 70kph they offer an amazing spectacle in any weather, wet or dry you will see them battling for every inch of tarmac.

Piloting a 1/5th bike is an acquired skill, as is setting one up to be on the pace of the leaders, but that is the main attraction. Many RC Bikers are real bikers, some are even ex-racers still looking for the ultimate thrill but with that extra safety factor!

Electric bikes use much the same equipment as the Electric cars, but there are less rules - essentially the MotoGP-e class has no rules other than that the bike must use a 7.4V battery pack, whilst the Moto2/3 class stipulates the use of a 17.5T brushless motor (in ‘blinky’ mode) or Mardave G2 brushed motor. The difference between Moto2 and Moto3 is the rear wheel - Moto3 uses the same size wheel front and rear, whilst Moto2 uses a larger, MotoGP-e sized wheel. Nitro (MotoGP-n) bikes can use any engine size(!), whilst Sidecars are electric, and again utilise the Mardave G2 brushed motor.

For up-to-date and detailed information, the best option is to have a chat with our bike racers at your club who will give you all the info you need to get started in bikes.


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