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Round 2 was held at another fantastic venue, new to the racing scene in the UK. MB models permanent track located at their shop near Leeds. The racers arrived to pre grooved track from the warm up meeting the weekend before, this was done to settle the carpet as it it is a brand new venue and carpet

The GT Section have released their timetable for Round 2 this coming weekend and have a couple of important announcements, with nearly 100 GT12 drivers on the Sunday this is set to be the largest meeting to date at the fantastic new venue by MB Models

Heading into the final round of the Championship there were three drivers in contention to clinch the championship. Andrew Edwards, last year’s defending champion and John Simpson tied with a win and third place and Kenneth Rogers sitting right behind with two second places putting all three drivers on the same points score. Unfortunately Andrew was unable to compete in the last round leaving John and Kenneth to battle for the win.

12th Oval and Stockcar Sections at the Autosport International Show in the Oval Racing Extreme Motorsport Area

The inaugural Reedy 1/12 Race of Champions took place in Milton Keynes, UK last weekend. The event was hosted by the British Radio Car Association and was the centrepiece attraction for members of the general public at one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. In addition to the Reedy Race, a Model Motorsport Exhibition was hosted and UK-based RC manufacturers and retailers were present to display, demonstrate and sell their products. The BRCA also set up a small track with GT12 cars to enable the public to sample RC for the first time.

With 10 days to go before the start of the 2 day GT Nationals, the GT Section would like to bring you up to speed with everything thats been happening as we have a new Qualification’s Officer and also a provisional timetable... Oh and an all new Section Handbook!

The BRCA 10th Electric Circuit section have opened up the process for manufactures to submit suitable tyres for the Stonehaven Scottish GP 2016

The BRCA EC Section have released the calendar dates for the 2016 season, booking will be open soon here on

The 2016 Off Road Nationals dates have been out for some time.  Now the form is available to download at the bottom of this page.
Please read the form carefully as there are some changes.

The BRCA 10th EC Section are pleased to announce the vote for the tyres to use for the 2016 season, Voting will close on 20th December.

The BRCA 1:10 Electric on road committee are delighted to announce that they will be promoting a Scottish Grand Prix to be held at the Stonehaven track over the weekend of 6th -7th August 2016. This meeting will be free, yes that's FREE to enter.

Entry fees for the 2016 Clubman National Series and the National series will be reduced. The Clubman's will now be £13 and the National £22.50. The section funds are healthy and so the committee feel the reduction suitable. Another demonstration that your committee are listening to you....

1/8th Circuit PRO James Healey has been out and interviewed all the stars from last years championship, a perfect warm up to the racing season that is about to start

With a near record breaking entry to the 2016 Rally X National series, here is a quick update from the section

Welcome to the F1 of model car racing! Below is a guide for any new entrants into the 1/8th Circuit class. In this guide we will take you through the basics of 1/8th racing and what is needed and expected from yourself as a competitor at a 1/8th National.

1/8th Circuit Racing, the original radio controlled racing class! The class was started in the USA in the 1960s as fully proportional radio controlled systems were becoming available and this allowed model racers to drive their models around purpose built circuits and temporary car park circuits, as opposed to the previous iteration of nitro engined racing which was with cars tethered to a pole.

2016 BRCA Rallycross entry forms now available to download!

Here are the dates and venues for the 1/8th circuit 2016 season National events, There will also be a combined meeting (8th/10th) on August 28th at Halifax. Keep your eyes peeled for booking in information coming soon..

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Find below the dates and tracks for the 2016 BRCA Bike series. The championship will consist of 5 meetings, with 3 rounds to count towards points. This means your best 6 finals count and your lowest 4 are dropped. Each meeting will have three 5 minute qualifying rounds which could be longer if time allows due to entry numbers.

Due to the cross over from V1 website and this V2 one, the Micros 2015-2016 National entries are done through google forms, please see below for instructions

The BRCA are pleased to announce the latest version of the BRCA Health and Safety Assessment, please use the new V3 

During the boxing day flood the Halifax track suffered the worse flooding it had ever seen, over 2 metres deep! We have had this short report in from the club