Find below the dates and tracks for the 2017 BRCA Bike series. The championship will consist of 6 meetings, with 4 rounds to count towards points. This means your best 6 finals count and your lowest 4 are dropped. Each meeting will have three 5 minute qualifying rounds which could be longer if time allows due to entry numbers. These qualifying runs are based on your best 3 consecutive laps, so you can make mistakes or come into the pits for adjustments without losing a qualifying run. Finals are now of a 10 minute duration and are a straight race based on qualifying position. The three classes we run are Stock (17.5T blinky speedo, no front brake), Superbike (no motor limit, front brake allowed) and Nitro (engines usually .12). I have included the Worlds in Germany and our fun Cotswold GP event, these are strictly BRCA but show why we don’t run during August some of September.

Calendar Dates

  • 25/26th March - Round 1 - Brooklands
  • 22/23rd April - Round 2 - Cotswold
  • 20/21st May - Round 3 - Aldershot
  • 24/25th June - Round 4 - Adur
  • 15/16th July - Round 5 - Halifax
  • 9/10th September - Round 6 - Mendip


Stock - 17.5T, blinky speedo and no front brake

Superbike - No motor limit, any speedo and front brake allowed

Nitro - Usually a .12 motor, although some lighter built bikes this year might use .9

Race Days

Saturday - Open practice

Sunday - Quick practice first thing then straight into qualifying and finals.


These can be found on the BRCA website here: (Coming Soon)

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