BRCA Bike Series 2017 - Round 2 Cotswold

Main Report by Simon Lancaster, Nitro Report by Fred Martin and Pictures/Captions by Andy Carless
Round two of the RC Bike National was held at the always popular and well turned out Cotswolds track. Again we were lucky with the weather, with both Saturday and Sunday staying dry and sunny.
Saturday practice was well attended with drivers getting lots of laps in and also spending time on bike set up.
Sunday qualifying started at 9.30am sharp, at the end of which Fred Martin topped the time sheets in Nitro class, Simon Lancaster in Stock and Matt Timms in Superbike, all of whom were presented with some very nice race caps for there efforts (see pic below).
Moving on to the finals there was some great racing in all classes, Matt Timms and Colin Mcabe having a really good tight fight in super bike.
With all finals finished Darren Johnson got the overall win in theStock Class, Fred Martin in Nitro and Matt Timms in superbike. It was also good to see some new faces, one of which was Lawerance Taylor, who was attending his first RC bike National, and raced to a very high standard. There was some very smart new bodywork on show also. Dave timms new paint job on his M3R-16 looked stunning (see below).
To sum up a great fun, relaxed weekend with fantastic close racing, at one of the best tracks in the country. Next stop is at the very nice Aldershot track. . . see you there
Cotswold Round 2 Nitro Class by Fred Martin
Friday got the KP10N out of hibernation checked it and the starter gear over.Saturday arrived at track about 10:30. The bike started easily but after a 5 minute run the mixture went totally wrong. Found a hole in the tank, replaced it and put a medium Roadie in the rear. Still the same problem so after a couple of hours of trying to fix it changed the engine. Ran it and got the mixture somewhere near.
Sunday arrived at the track at 8:30 and got a 10 minute run before the first qualifier and tweaked the mixture.
Qualification 1 went well but with the fastest 3 consecutive laps qualifying you never know how it went until the end of the round. Anyway top qualifier with Karl my closest rival.
Qualification 2 tweaked bottom end mixture, even faster qualification.
Qualification 3 tweaked top end mixture, after 6 laps at the end of the back straight the engine stopped abruptly. Broken conrod and hole in crankcase. But an even faster qualification.Qualification 4 did not run still changing engine. But still the fastest qualifier overall.Lunch break got permission from race director to be allowed on track to set the mixture got it some were near right.
First Final got away first with Karl in hot pursuit for 6 laps then he had an off which resulted in an engine cut, so could settle into a steady pace to a win.
Second Final same again but Karl had an earlier off and several others which was fortunate because by half race distant, when I tried to accelerate the engine would pick up slowly or rather rapidly depending on how it felt, but still managed a win.Grahams bike was quick in the corners and fast on the straight, when he gets the Clutch sorted it will be a race winner.James improved all day at his first race meeting.
IMG 1806
Above: Matt's lovely RG bike.
IMG 1811
Above: James firing up his NF nitro.
IMG 1813
Above: Steve working on his M3R bike.
IMG 1816
Above: Darren looking confident.
IMG 1820
Above: Peter busy at work.
IMG 1824
Above: Colin's back and going very well....
IMG 1830
Above: Dave Timms lovely painted shell.
IMG 1838
Above: Ken's RG Nitro.
IMG 1839
Above: Ross went very well with his new ZH.
IMG 1841
Above: Lawrence enjoyed his first Bike National.
IMG 1847
Above: Familiar face in the pits, Mr Hardisy - he will be returning with a bike to run I believe....
IMG 1844
Above: Matt's superb looking 1/10th bike.