AGM Minutes 2015

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The Chairman (Mr C Hardesty) opened the meeting with a welcome to all those in attendance while also giving a quick safety briefing.


Association Officers Reports

Chairman – Chris Hardisty

It has always been an honour and a privilege to hold this post. My decision to retire was made several years ago. After 26 years in this post and my wife’s retirement being imminent I decided it’s time to dedicate some time to her as she has supported what I do without her having any interest in model car racing.

It’s been a great journey and I have persuaded some good folk to join it, many I promised “I’ll make you famous” and some did it for themselves. There have been a lot of good people I’ve worked with. A big thank you the those that did the work, past and present

Secretary – Darren Newton

The secretary reported on his first year of office. The first part of the year was taken up in putting into place procedures to move away from paper communications and records to electronic.

The later part of the year has been getting our new website up and running ready for going live at the start of 2016. The 1/12 electric section has all ready used the on line booking area with great success and the new membership system will be operational from 1 November.

Treasurer – Jim Spencer

Using some pre printed association account sheets ran through the accounts stage by stage. Jim also informed the meeting that he would visit all the sections to go over any specific queries.

Vice Chairman – John Russell

Reported that it had been a busy year attending full executive, administration and sporting committee meeting which were all held in the Birmingham area. The main focus was within the sporting committee group. One of the main outcomes of the meetings was a risk assessment document that was completed for meeting to aid the race director.

Membership Officer – Dave Waters

Reported that there were 4685 full members and 3013 affiliated members for 2015 giving a total membership of 7698.

We also had a reduced membership of £10 for those wanting to join more than halfway into the year, this was a on-line membership only.

A brief explanation was also given on how the new association membership system would work.

It was also reported that the membership officers position would be amalgamated into the club liaisons duties.

P.R.O. – Alan Leighton

Alan presented his report via power point presentation which outlined the vast array of events that they had attended telling the world of what we do.

C.P.O. – Joanne Williams

No report given.

Editor – Pete Winton

There was one e-Zine and one CC in 2014/5.  Getting information from the Sections proved difficult.  While the websites of the various sections are kept up to date, and there is a large on-line presence updating members on races and work in their Sections, the time has come to bring Circuit Chatter and the e-Zine together in the same electronic, on-line presence.

With the features of the new website allowing articles and news to be posted by the Editor and the Sections, we can collate a selection of these in a part of the website called Circuit Chatter and post a link by email to members.  Not only does this allow news to be current by its posting when it happens, it allows people to catch up at regular intervals with the Association news.

Whilst its passing may be sad for some of us, Circuit Chatter as a printed document is not the way we need to get news to our members and the public.  For next year we will use the website to assemble and host Circuit Chatter.  As the website develops, Sections will be encouraged to post their news directly to the website and I, as Editor, will pick selections from that for Circuit Chatter.

That relies on every member making a contribution as well as the Section PRO’s, so please send anything you would like to appear on the website to your PRO or me for posting.  I hope that the website will become somewhere people go regularly for the latest on the BRCA and the sport we all love.

Events Co-ordinator – Gareth Bevins

No report given.

EFRA Report - Janet Hill

Issued 163 licences this year, due mainly to holding two European Championship in England.

Attended both the 1/8th Off Road B's held at the Herts Nitro Model Club, Ware Hertfordshire and the 1/10th Electric off Road A's held at the Robin Hood Raceway Nr Blyth Nottinghamshire. They were most successful events and thanks must go to both clubs, their many helpers & BRCA officials.

Congratulations to Lee Martin 2 wheel drive 1/10th Champion and Elliott Boot 1/8th Off Road European Champion. More info in section reports.

Do not forget the EFRA AGM in a fortnights time and if you haven't got all the details you need please let me know. I hope you will discuss the agenda's in your meeting.

Finally I have distributed quite a aprox 56,000 BRCA numbers and have some here if needed.

Club Liaison Officer – Grant Williams

Reported that 125 of the 193 clubs within the association had been visited which was part of a very busy year. During September had away trip to visit clubs in South West. Had advised clubs on such matters as membership, club affilation while also helping those in difficulty.


Section Report.

The Chairman then invited reports from each of the associations sections activities over the last year.

Reports were received from

                                                8th Circuit

                                                8th Rallycross

                                                1/10 Electric Circuit

                                                1/10 I C Circuit

                                                1/12 Electric Circuit

                                                1/12 Oval


                                                Large Scale Off Road

                                                Large Scale On Road



                                                1/10 Electric Off Road


The Chairman the presented Mr Richard Stitson with a fellowship to the BRCA following his 35 years of service to the 1/8 Rallycross section.


Jim Spencer then carried out, with the assistance of John Russell, a brief review of Chris Hardesty’s 26 year term as Chairman as he would be stepping down from the post at this AGM. John Russell presented Chris with his fellowship to the association while Jim presented a number of gifts that were relevant to Chris’s period as Chairman.


Election of Association Officers

Chairman – Only one nomination was received during the four week period prior to the AGM, that being Dave Waters which had the relevant proposer and second.

Dave Waters was duly elected, he then took the chair of the meeting.

Treasurer – Jim Spencer was the only nomination received during the statutory period which had the relevant proposer and second, so he was then duly re elected as treasurer.

Membership Officer, as reported in his address the Membership Officers position would be amalgamated in to the Club liaison role.

P.R.O. – Alan Leighton had indicated that he wished to stay in the position and had the relevant proposer and second within the meeting. There were no other nominations from the floor so Alan was duly re-elected.

E.F.R.A. Liaison Officer, Janet Hill the indicated that she wished to stand for another period, there were also nominations for two other candidates, Mike Humphries and Chris Hardesty. All the candidates had the proposer and second. Following a first vote Mike Humphries was eliminated and following a second vote Janet Hill was re-elected to the position. The Chairman thanked all the proposed for standing.


Date and venue of 2016 A.G.M, no other venues had been brought forward. The meeting was asked if they had any suggestions to get them to the secretary by 10th November so they could be discussed at the next admin committee meeting. The venue will be announced at the end of November.

The chairman then closed the meeting and wished those present successful section A.G.M.’s