AWS Round 2 Race Report

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Well what can i say about the fantastic meeting we had at South Coast Nitro. 

I arrived on the Friday night in complete darkness, Which was fine I had help from North West Nitro's Andy Beaumont waving his massive torch at me guiding me to the track. Thank you for that Andy.

During the night it threw it down with rain so much so the track was underwater. At around 10:30 in the morning the team from the track arrived and started to clear the track with a water vacuum, squeegees, buckets and anything else they could find. A lot of the drivers that were there also mucked in to help which was fantastic. You can really tell the racing community we are have here in the UK. 

After around 4 hours of cleaning the track. The track was opened for practice. Many of the drivers headed out including myself to get a feel for the track. Carlo DeMarco was putting in 40 second laps during the practice sessions on a very wet track. South Coast Nitro also has a completely flood lit track. So as dusk approached the lights were turned on and we even practiced into the evening under flood light. 


Sunday morning came along and once I got up and looked outside i saw that the cars in the car park had completely frozen over. So a cold start to the day for us. 

Booking in opened just before 8am with drivers arriving at the track. 48 driver braved the weather and the distance and during drivers briefing I gave the option for the drivers to have a round of timed practice before going into qualifying. Which they all said was a great. (Sunny day in November, Why waste it?) 

So practice started at 9am. Truggy's went out first followed by the 3 buggy heats. We went straight into the first round of qualifying, Drivers hitting the track and they seemed to enjoy the fast layout. At the end of the first round of qualifying Kevin Brunsden Took TQ in buggy. Carl O'Connor took TQ in truggy. 

After a 15 minute break or so, we went into the second round of qualifying, Laps times started to get faster as the drivers learnt the track and setting their cars up to suit that track. Top qualifiers was the same as the first round. It was also the same at the end of the third round. 


Once qualifying was finished we had around a 40 minute break for lunch which gave time for the drivers to adjust their cars and make changes if they wanted. 

We started finals at around ten past one with the Truggy final first on the line. What a fantastic race it was as well. The top two drivers Carl O'Connor and Chris Sharpe-Simkiss locked in battle through the whole 18 minute race. The largest gap between both drivers was no more than 1.4 seconds. How ever after a long tense but exciting battle made better by myself singing the Jaw's theme down the microphone Carl O'Conoor won with Chris Sharpe-Simkiss second and David Rolls took third place. 

Straight after we started the Buggy C Final. Another 18 minutes race, The drivers did very well with little battles going on throughout the race. Arron Knight took the win with his Electric Buggy. Andrius Zilevicius finished second place also with his electric buggy, Third place was taken by local committee driver Philip Sawkins, again with an electric buggy, it was a good looking one as well. Course it was it was a TLR. Forth place was taken by Deerdale driver Paul Fyfe. These drivers were promoted to the B final which followed, Filling positions 11-14 on the grid.

The B final was also a very good close race with second place to 5th place finishing on the same lap. However after the 18 minute race Gyln Peart a local driver from South Coast took the win, with Ian Dudman someone I normally see on the Truggy nationals scene took second place. Paul Taylor who loves racing on astro took third place and finally Neil Sivins took forth place. Again same as the C Final the top four drivers were promoted to the next final. In this case it was the A Final. 

The A final which was the last race of the day started just before 2:30pm. This again was a 18 minute race. Yet another great race to watch with Jack Embling and Kevin Brunsden battling intensly for the top spot. Jack Embling took the win with a time of 27/18m 15.89. Kevin Brunsden finished a very close second with a time of 27/18m 16.11.

Tekno driver Carlo DeMarco finished third place after racing another team mates car after his had an issue on the saturday during practice. Brookethorpe driver Chris Lovell finished in forth place with his Electric buggy. 

For all the results from todays meeting please check out the link below


All the photos are at the link below on facebook


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for attended the meeting and braved the cold. Massive thanks goes to Steve Hamilton, Gyne Peart, Philip Sawkins for allowing me to take the series to their club and of course all of their hard work to clear the track of water. Big thanks also goes to the drivers that helped clear the track as well.

Thanks to the unsung heroes the catering team, Especially on such short notice.

I shall see you all at the next round at Swindon on the 3rd December.