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We need your pictures for the BRCA Handbooks!


Each year we need pictures to choose from to go into our Section and Member’s Handbooks.  If you have some good pictures of people, tracks, cars and winners that you would allow the BRCA to use in our handbooks and on our websites, please send them to

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers – if you have pictures of cars and/or equipment we can use, please send them to me or provide me with a link to your website where hi-res pictures can be downloaded.  Members – if you are sponsored please tell your sponsor about this.

They must be 1Mb or bigger; they must be ones you are prepared to allow us to publish.  We may use some or all of the picture to suit our layouts in the handbooks and website.  If you want to be credited for the picture please supply your name, or club name, to go with the picture.  Thank you.

Advertising with the BRCA

Our handbooks go out to all the members and are a great way to advertise your club, product or service.  It doesn’t have to be RC-related, it can be about your business, your club or a specific event.  I’d like each member to think about what they can do to drum up advertising for this year’s handbooks.

Revenue from adverts in the main handbook goes to the Association.  Revenue for adverts that go into Section handbooks goes to that Section.  It’s a great way to raise money for the BRCA, so please help us get more advertising into our handbooks or on our website.

Details and pricing are below.  I will need your copy before 18th December, and it must be in hi-res pdf at 300dpi or above.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Peter Winton – Editor, BRCA

The BRCA now has a multi-platform presence that is great for advertising your company and products to around 8000 BRCA members and three times that number of website visitors

Our Handbook is issued every year to every member.  It is the must-have information about the BRCA, it’s Constitution, General Rules and Insurance details, so each member has it and refers to it.  Advertising in print is as follows:

  • Full page in the Members Handbook that goes to all members - £175 for a full page, £100 for a half, £60 for a quarter.  Colour or black and white.
  • Pages in the Section Handbooks - £100 for a full page, £65 for a half page and £ 40 for a quarter page.
  • In all cases, the advertiser must supply the artwork at hi-res, minimum 300 dpi.

Our website is up and running with modern attractive graphics and regular news items as well as all the rules and information a racer needs.  Currently we have 25000 unique users a week so this is the place to have your latest advert in front of racers and non-racers alike.

  • A full advert £250 for the year - with a small advert in the handbook in the year to follow
  • The advertiser is to supply the artwork suitable for the website.

To advertise with the BRCA please contact Peter Winton ( or Darren Newton ( to discuss your requirements and place orders.