HotRods And Banger Series

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A group of dedicated races have put together a Hotrods and Banger Series. Click Read more to find out more! 



West of England 2017

A group of racers have put together a hotrod and banger racing series being help at the Somerset Indoor Oval Racing Club or S.I.O.R.C.

The series will be run to BRCA rules

The heats to be 5 mints for all the classes it is £5 pounds for first class and a pound each class after that.

We will be running 3 heats and a final for each class and 4 heats and a final. It is the first big meeting of many we hope.

There is a shield for the winer of the National Hotrod which has plates to engrave with there name and they can take with them to put up at they club or home  but it needs to come back for next years as we will do one next year.  

Hope to see all there