Indoor Racing is a GO... GO GO GO!

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Following yesterdays evenings confusing Prime Ministers briefing (where the issued document didn't match what the prime minister said) the matter has now been clarified by the various government departments involved - all now seem to be aligned.  

What has been banned is 'Team' Sports - i.e. indoor sports where there is physical contact between players - of 6 or more (but including 5 a side football!) 

Indoor individual sporting activities that are conducted under Covid 19 secure conditions, following socially distance guidelines and with a set of regulations issued by a sporting governing body can continue. (Which covers what we do)  

So please 'Keep Calm and Carry On'  

Simply revert to the regulations here: (Including the Masks document from last week of course) 

It is expected that this will still be causing confusion within venue providers (it certainly did locally to me for an hour or two this morning) so be patient and simply refer any queries back to us if you're struggling or are challenged. We will do what we can to assist - but we also do expect that some venues (that are heavily reliant on Team Sports) will invariably be forced to shut, if that happens to you please liaise with other local clubs so you can inform your racers what other local racing might be happening. 

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