We are affiliated to the MSA

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The BRCA is a member of the Motor Sport Association – the governing body for Motor Sport in the UK – and has been for 16 years.

Back in the mid 90’s we approached the then Sports Council (Sport England now) with a full application to be a recognised sport, they were very supportive but felt that we should be a branch of Motor Sport rather than an activity on our own, and recommended us to approach the MSA, much to our surprise we were welcomed with open arms.

In addition the MSA requires all it’s motor clubs to be members of one of their regional associations, we are therefore a member of the Association of North West Motor Clubs and that gives us the opportunity to have input into the structure of the sport and its development at club level.

Our relationship with the MSA centrally and regionally continues to be very strong as we are seen as a development ground for competitors, engineers and enthusiasts.

Since we joined (the MSA) BRCA members have gone on to win the F1 world championship, the Le Mans 24 hours, compete in the WRC and numerous other bits of the motor sport world. In addition the number of BRCA members employed in the race teams is incredible – we mustn’t underestimate that the knowledge and skills our sport delivers are applicable to cars of all sizes!