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Member since: Tuesday, 01 January 2019
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Welcome to Ashford Radio Control Car Club,

This is a brand new club as of December 2019 racing and promoting 1:28th Scale Mini-Z racing, as of today this is the only club in the country of this type.

The racing takes places on a specialist foam based racing circuit with electric cars.  The club will have basic catering facilities, live timing and on site shop for all those desired / needed spares.  Many efforts have been made to ensure the best environment possible; Tasteful music in the background, PA system, Live timing, lots of track to ensure a big circuit, the best timing loop for this type of racing -  the list goes on.

Mini-Z racing is prefect for NEW racers to the sport and to assist racers racing ALL others scales; given the speed of the cars (when modified they can reach 50mph) the concentration levels are immense, reflexes are improved and racing ability enhanced.  If you can race these you can race anything!

This is an exciting time for Ashford in Kent (a population of around 120,000 and one of the fastest growing towns in the country) and Mini-Z racing, with the potential of a National Championship (many people own Mini-Z’s around the country), a Kyosho Cup and a European Event, there is no reason this  can’t take off. This racing really should assist in growing numbers of those individuals participating.

You’re looking at around £260 to start the hobby, but once started I believe this could be the cheapest form of racing going; rechargeable batteries and tyres that last an age! The great thing about this (especially being a large scale racer, is everything can fit into a brief case!!! 

Check the club out… in the future we plan for live streaming of our events.

There is lots to do and learn but slowly, we will ensure this is a fantastic, competitive, fun club!

Steve Metcalfe


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Godinton Primary School
Lockholt Close
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Lockholt Close, Ashford, UK