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Craigavon Model Racing Club

Member since: Monday, 11 January 2016
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Outdoor Tarmac
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Bikes, Large Scale On Road
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Disabled Access, Car Park, Camping, Vending Machine, Brew making equipment
About the Club

Here at CMCC we currently race 1/5 saloons, 1/5 mini and 1/5 electric bike. New for 2017 will be the 1/10 scale Holligan. 1/5th Scale Saloons All cars are powered by 23cc 2 stroke petrol engines and are rear wheel drive. The cars have either hydraulic or cable brakes all round which provide excellent stopping power. Most cars are constructed from Aluminium and Carbon Fibre to keep the weight of the cars as low as possible as well as providing plenty of strength & rigidity.. These cars are doing close to 50 mph on our track. However as we all know speed isn’t everything, fortunately the technology and engineering that the cars have produce the best handling possible in order to get that quickest lap we all strive for. The cars race on rubber tyres with foam inserts. Just like F1 there are tyres for all weather conditions with a range of grades for both Dry and wet conditions. Set-up on these machines is essential, the smallest of tweaks to suspension, camber, caster etc can make a huge difference on the track, this is where these cars really do take come into their own, just like the real thing, a good set up can be where a race is either won or lost. There are a range of cars raced at the club currently, manufacturer comes down to driver preference with such makes as Harm, FG, RS5, Contrast and Lauderbacher raced at the club. 1/5 Scale mini. This was new for 2016 and has proved a popular class. All minis are FG and are kept as standard with only a few modifications allowed. This keeps costs to a minimum and racing very close. 1/5 Scale Bike. Another popular class for the bikers and had produced some very close racing through out 2016. Opening Times etc etc. The Club normally race every 2 weeks from around end March to early October. Normally race days commenced around 9.00am with racing to 5 or 6 o'clock.

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John Campbell
Irvine Martin
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Central Sports Area
Kernan Hill, Craigavon
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BT63 5YB
33 Kernan Hill Rd, Craigavon BT63 5YB, UK
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