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Member since: Wednesday, 20 January 2016
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What can I tell you about Medway, well we have been around since June 1995, racing every week apart from one or two weeks during Christmas & Holidays. We not the biggest club around, although have seen great successes over the years.  Over the years we hosted numerious BRCA 1:12th Oval Nationals and have been awarded a number of BRCA Open meetings as well (British & English Opens). During the time of the club many members have participated in the BRCA National Series, travelling around the country racing at many different venues and clubs & winning many Trophies. Again during the time of the club some of the members have taken things a little more serious and been part of the BRCA 1:12th Oval National Committee, holding a number of posts such as: Publicity Officer; Scrutineer; Secretary and Chairman. We race every Tuesday Booking in at 7pm, with Practise starting when the track is down (usually around 6:50pm) and racing starts at 19:30 and generally finishes around 21:30. We race the Mardave V12 and Ministox in mixed heats and now we include the new car from Schumacher in a separate class, which are all meant to be non-contact, although on an Oval I think there will always be a bit of contact. From time to time we change things and we race Bangers, which is full on contact with no marshals. The good thing about what we do, is that the base car stays the same, but with a different body shell and some of the race rules changed, thus keeping the cost down. We have also raced cars pulling Caravans or Trailers, ASCARS, Vans and from time to time we have racing of particular car or makes of car, a while ago we race a Ford Retro month.  We have our own spares shop selling Mardave Spares and tyres, so should anything break, you should be able to get back going for the next race. If your interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or just come down on a Tuesday evening.

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Andy T Nash
Andy T Nash
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The Scout Hall
Dart Close, Strood,
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2A Dart Cl, Rochester, Medway ME2 2EH, UK
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