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Tipton RC Model Car Club

Member since: Monday, 22 May 2017
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Track Type
Indoor Carpet
Classes Raced
Micros, 10th Off Road
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Venue Facilities
Disabled Access, Car Park
About the Club

The club races in a small village called Tipton St John about 3 miles from Ottery St Mary. We started the club in 2003. It was basically started because my brother Mark and our Father Trevor wanted to race again after a couple of years away from racing and to keep our hand in. Mark and I had started racing in 1987 running 1/10 off road. We changed to race on the National circuit in the early 90's running first with Pro Tens and then 1/10 IC. When we first started the club we ran Tamiya Mini's to keep it cheap and ran these for many years. Then 7 years ago we got the familiar feeling to go racing again a B4 followed and the rest is history. The club then switched to run 1/10 Off Road. We are very friendly bunch and race for fun. We sometimes race vintage cars, re-released Tamiya’s are the favourite but there are now re re RC10’s and soon there will be re re Schumacher CATs on the scene so i can see this class growing. We also race Micros. The surface is primafelt carpet and slippery wooden floor. Schumacher yellow minipins are the tyre of choice. Our website is this needs updating but it does have a map We race every 2 weeks please check before attending.

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Paul Field
Andrew Collins
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Club Location
Tipton St John Community Hall, Tipton St John, Sidmouth
Post Code
EX10 0AG
Sextons Cottage, Tipton St John, Sidmouth EX10 0AG, UK
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