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Urmston Radio Controll Car Club

Member since: Wednesday, 27 January 2016
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Indoor Carpet
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Wednesday, Saturday
Venue Facilities
Disabled Access, On-Site Catering, Car Park, Brew making equipment
About the Club

Here please write History Racing at Urmston started in November 1979 ... ... shortly after the 1/12th scale electric cars became generally available. At first the only cars were race cars, then in 1980 electric stock cars came on the scene, and they became so popular at Urmston, that a purpose built oval track was made. Ministocks and Buggies came on the scene in 1982, and a fly-over bridge and ramp were made making this type of racing more exciting. Our club also ran an outside series for Buggies at a Scout Hut for several years. The bridge lasted for ten years. In the early days all cars raced on wood or lino floors, but now most clubs race on carpet. Race meetings are held on three Saturday mornings(9.30am), plus some Bank Holidays( afternoons), and also on Wednesdays at 7pm. Once a year a National Stock Car meeting is held, when drivers come from all over the country take part in a full days racing. Our Club is a member of the BRCA (British Radio Car Association) of which the membership fee is £14 per annum. This membership fee covers third party insurance, and allows members to race at any national meeting in the country. Club membereship is £3, and racing fees are £4 for seniors, and £3 for juniors under 16. We currently race Stockcars and Bangers on an oval track. Drivers are graded according to their performance by different coloured roofs. Beginners have a white roof and start at the front, then come better drivers with a yellow roof, then come those with blue roofs, and the best drivers have a red roof and start right at the back of the grid. Trophies are awarded at certain meetings, and drivers also get points for their positions, which add together after each meeting and count towards a track championship. Traffic lights control the racing, and an automatic lap counting system keeps track of the results, with monitors for anyone to see who is in what position during the races. There is also an LED display sign in use at meetings, which advertises the club and also shows which race is on. Track records, points tables, and other information is listed on special notice boards, and also on our website:- www. Spectators are welcome, and there is a canteen selling tea, minerals, sweets chocolates, hot dogs, burgers, toast, and even a full breakfast. On race days the Club has its own Spares Shop, selling parts for the cars, in fact selling all the parts sufficient to build a Stockcar, or Banger. Several items available for members to use are soldering iron, drill, and fast fan. There are 36 power points available for use in the main hall. In 2011, the latest automatic lap counting system was introduced where drivers could purchase their own personal transponder, which could also be used at other tracks. In January 2013, after just over 33 years, a committee was formed to run the club, doing away with the position of club promoter. Introduction of a shorter track for the last meeting of the month started in 201

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Billy Clague
Michael Clague
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St Clements Branch Church
Humphrey Lane, Urmston
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M41 9PE
St Clements Branch Church, Humphrey Ln, Urmston, Manchester M41 9PE, UK
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