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BRCA 1/12th Section

Welcome to the 1/12 Electric Circuit Section of the BRCA.

1/12 scale is one of the oldest RC racing classes still in existence and can trace it's roots way back to the 1970's. Traditionally it was a training and development ground for drivers who later went on to become champions in this and other classes. More recently the class has become more specialised, due in no small part to the development of a wide range of other RC categories over the years.

That said, 1/12 is still a class that caters for competitors of all ages and abilities. The recent introduction of the GT12 class has resulted in an explosion in popularity of 1/12 scale racing at club level, and our national championships continue to be well attended.

Whether you're just a casual club racer or a pro driver, the 1/12 section has something to offer you and we invite you to come and share experiences with us.

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1/12th  Stock Car racing 


All the cars are a reasonable representation of the full size Brisca F1 and F2 stock cars being raced on Ovals around the country. 

Unlike other classes,with the F1 Stockcars there is no shop ready kit available, F2 Stockcars however have kits availbale from several manufactures. If in doubt always head to your local club for advice.

Type of Track

These cars are raced indoors on a carpeted Oval Track. There are a numerous Oval clubs up and down the country, most of which can be found in the back of this booklet, and/or on the BRCA web site.

There is no standard size of track, some are quite small, while others are quite large in comparison, this adds to fun of adjusting your driving skill to match the track conditions, just as in full size racing.


Most clubs race on an evening all year round , with heats of upto 8 cars racing for 5 minutes., with 3 or 4 rounds and a final. This is full contact racing, and it isn’t necessary to be the fastest, but be skilful in how you handle or avoid the hits that bring the success.

The BRCA National Series runs from January through to September mainly on weekends

At the Nationals there are trophies at each meeting and points for the end of season trophies for the best drivers 

All ages and abilities are catered for and most clubs and venues have disables access. We hold the World Championships and European Championships on alternate years.


One thing that is apparent at stock car meetings, be it National or Club events, is everybody is having fun. There is a serious side to the sport, winning trophies, points and the World Championships, but the main ethos is having fun. 

You will not break the bank if you wish to take up this form of radio controlled car racing, for as little as around

£200 you could be on the track racing. The best way to find out about these is to visit one of the local clubs that race them


BRCA GT Section for GT10 GT12 and F1

Welcome to the GT Circuit Section of the BRCA.

The GT Circuit section was created in 2014 and we are a sub-section of the 1/12th Electric Circuit Section (hence the banner above)  and combines three different classes: GT12, World GT10 and Formula 1.

This variety should ensure there is a class to suit most drivers. From the wonderful simplicity of a GT12 that both welcomes a beginner and rewards the skill of a more experienced racer, the greater speed and complexity of a World GT10 and the beautiful scale looks of a Formula 1.

The BRCA GT Circuit Section, together with the host clubs, run a professional, friendly and well organised competition that welcomes drivers of all abilities. Our national indoor series runs from January to April, so whatever the weather you can continue to enjoy racing in the warm and dry. Most of our venues provide hot and cold food and drinks. All events provide pit tables and chairs for our competitors as well as mains electricity.

Our aim is to organise the best national championship in the world while giving good value for money. We hope you will come and race with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if we can be of any assistance.

Good luck with your racing during the forthcoming season.


Welcome to the 10th Electric Circuit Section of the BRCA, sometimes known as "Touring Cars"

The BRCA 10th Electric Circuit Section, together with the host clubs, run a professional, friendly and well organised competition that welcomes drivers of all abilities. 

Our aim is to organise the best national championship in the world while giving good value for money. We hope you will come and race with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if we can be of any assistance.

Good luck with your racing during the forthcoming season.

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What do we do?

Essentially we race radio controlled 1/10th. scale Off-Road racing cars.  All cars are electric powered.
The racing caters for people from all backgrounds and does not discriminate on sex, age, or disability.
It does provide; a challenging sporting environment where the skill required to drive and build the cars can be tested against other like-minded competitors.

Where do we do it?

The short answer is everywhere.
It’s quite likely that there is a club somewhere near where you live.  Included in this website are details of the representatives of your Region, along with their contact details and even a map with many clubs that could be just round the corner from your home.
Another method of finding your local club is by contacting your local model shops, five minutes spent on the phone or internet, can open up a whole new dimension and fun in model motor sport.

Who are we?

We are a group of RC racing enthusiasts whose aims are best summed up by objective No. 1 — ‘To promote the construction and racing of radio controlled cars’.   Please remember we are all non-paid volunteers doing what we can for model car racing.  


BRCA 1/10th IC Circuit RC Car Racing

The 1/10th IC Circuit section comprises of two different classes of 1/10th scale nitro powered vehicles; 200mm and Sports GT.  Both classes are supported well at club meeting up and down the country.  Our national series comprises of 8 rounds, with only your best 5 results to count, and runs from March to October.  The series visits circuits as far up the country as Halifax in West Yorkshire and as far south as Weston-super-mare in North Somerset. 

Both types of car are powered by 2.1cc engines and run on foam tyres.  However when the circuit is wet, rubber tyres may hold an advantage.  More in depth rules can be found at the top of this page.   

Our national meetings are run over two days, with Saturday playing host to open practice for all participants.  Sunday is made up of 4 rounds of 4 minute qualifying heats and finals for all.  Your best time from the heats deciding on which final you will be assigned to with the top 10 times entering the A Final, the next 10 in the B Final and so on.  The finals contain more of an endurance aspect with the A Finals being of 30 minute duration!

Opportunities to represent the country are also available in the form of the annual European Championships and the World Championships which is hosted every other year. 

If you are interested in starting in 1/10th IC or GT8 racing then why not pop along to your local club or even one of our national meetings where the racers would be more than happy to advise you.

8thCircLJ1/8th Circuit Model cars come in many different shapes and sizes but with acceleration times of 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds, and top speeds in excess of 75 mph is it any wonder that 1/8th gas powered radio controlled model cars are considered the formula one of all radio controlled model car racing?

Racing 1/8th circuit radio controlled gas cars will add a whole new meaning to your understanding of the word excitement. Once you have driven a 1/8th car and experienced its awesome power, and stunning cornering speed, you’ll never be satisfied with driving anything else, and be back for more, again and again and again.

Your 1/8th scale I.C. powered four-wheel drive car can be built from one of the many available kits now on the market. Powered by a racing 3.5cc two stroke engine capable of delivering over two brake horsepower, you are just minutes away from the most mind-blowing experience in model car racing. Your car complete with engine will be a high tech 1/8th scale model racing car. All cars have front and rear independent suspension controlled by fully adjustable shock absorbers and springs. In addition you’ll have disc brakes and automatically shifting transmissions.

All this topped with a sports car style bodyshell painted to your own individual team colour scheme and designed for you to get the best from your car both mechanically and aerodynamically. 1/8th racing is a great activity and hobby for all the family to participate in, and as well as racing as individuals, many father and son teams compete in racing events. Once you’ve got used to the thrill of driving your own car around one of the purpose designed scale circuits located throughout the country you’ll be able to compete in your first event.

Following a practice session you’ll have tuned your car and engine for maximum performance. With your engine running you head for the drivers rostrum, whilst your pitman puts your car on the track for one of your qualifying races. Having qualified for a final you wait on the drivers rostrum as tension mounts waiting for the flag to drop. Accelerate hard into the first bend as you jockey for position with your fellow racers. As the race settles down you’ll have to think about the first of your scheduled re-fuelling pit stops. Head down the pit lane to your pitman, a full tank of fuel taken on in seconds, and you blast back into the action.

Well, could you handle it? If the answers yes, then come 1/8th I.C. racing!


The BRCA was formed some years ago and the 1/8th rallycross section is an integral part of the association. You will find 1/8th rallycross cars being raced across the country nearly every weekend of the year at BRCA Affiliated clubs

Which you can find elsewhere on the BRCA Website, however since 1983 the rallycross section has run a full season of race meetings from April to September, with 4 championships now in place the National Championship, The Clubman, The Junior and the Over 40s Championships.

All 1/8th rallycross cars are powered by 3.5cc nitro fuel powered engines so you are not only racing your model car against others, but you also get the smell and the noise of full size motor racing. So if that has wetted your appetite for having a go at rallycross, come along to one of the clubs or come to a national event where you can discover more information.

The section prides itself on being friendly and available to answer any questions that you might have.

truggy copy

This section within the BRCA is run by a small group of experienced racers whose aims are to put on a really great bunch of events to provide you with the most enjoyable day as possible.

We have 2 types of race classes all running together on the same day; Nitro powered Truggys and Electric powered Buggys (E8).

1/8th scale 4wd Truggys are similar to 1/8th 4wd Rallycross (buggy) cars but they are wider, longer and have Truck based body shells.

1/8th scale 4wd E8 Buggys are very similar to 1/8th 4wd Rallycross (buggy) cars but they are powered by Lithium Polymer batteries.

1/8th Scale E-Truggy's are starting so appear too. When we have more of these there will be a E-Truggy Championship. 

The national races are held on off road circuits around the country. The tracks can feature all sorts of obstacles such as jumps and tabletops and they are generally made of Astroturf, dirt or grass. The thrills of driving both these types of vehicles are hard to match with other sections of racing!

BRCA 1/5th Scale Circuit Large Scale RC Racing On Road

Welcome to the 1/5th Scale Large Scale On-Road Section, known as 1/5th Scale LS Racing.

This is the most realistic form of racing compared to real size touring cars both in terms of handling and technical aspect.

1/5th Scale Cars are run on tarmac tracks. They run 23cc 2 Stroke Engines, similar to strimmer engines. They are rear wheel drive driven and have a single speed clutch & diff set up. Running 4 wheel disc brakes, normally hydraulic based but also cable based depending on brand.

The great thing about 1/5th Scale Cars is that you can get full competition, aluminium & carbon based cars or you can also get the highly popular FG Mini Car, which is a stripped down, shorter wheel based 1/5th Scale Car, which is great for beginners or those on a budget.

This scale of R/C Racing is all about having fun, racing with a smile and learning as much as possible among fellow racers. With tracks all around the UK & Northern Ireland, its easy to find a track near you.


The Large Scale Off Road (LSOR) of the BRCA is one of the newest sections and covers the largest scale of off road model vehicles on the market with BRCA affiliated clubs throughout the country.

Our national race series is open to any make of off road vehicle whether that is two or four wheel drive, 23, 26 or 30cc petrol powered. Brakes on our petrol powered models can be a single layshaft rear brake, hydraulic or air brakes front and rear which all help to stop the large scale cars which are capable of speeds in excess of 50mph from their two stroke petrol primed engines.

As a rule the top end kits are complete with everything apart from radio gear, engine and fuel. Ready to run kits are also available with everything apart from fuel making large scale off road racing available to all. All models can be modified as and when needed to the drivers specification.

The BRCA national series runs throughout the summer months normally from March until October with our drivers visiting all four corners of the country. When the national series is over the majority of the clubs then run interclub meetings over the winter months, giving you all year round off road racing.

Within the national series the BRCA run four classes, 2 wheel drive buggy, 4 wheel drive buggy, short course and open class with drivers competing for either National, Junior and  clubman titles. Our normal race format is to run three rounds of qualification heats to determine the days qualification positions. Either single or double sided finals are undertaken based upon the drivers qualification position and by the end of the day we have our class winners.

Whilst the national series drivers may be competitive we have one of the friendliest and helpful series around so why not come and join us?

Not only is large scale racing popular in the UK, with numbers increasing year on year but also within Europe & there are many opportunities to enter European race meetings.

If you would like to join the largest form of model car racing in the world, with clubs all around the country, then visit the BRCA club section above for more details on your local venue, pay them a visit and see what you are missing out on.

bikes copy

Introduction from the Chairman of the Bike Section

Welcome to the world of RC Bike Racing. For those who are current members of the class – we hope you have another enjoyable and competitive seasons racing. For newcomers to the class – we welcome you to the section and encourage you to engage with other racers and ask any questions that you may have.

New features to our section for the 2019 season will be the introduction of the Clubman Series – an opportunity for members to race any class of bike at Club without any rules. More information can be found later in this Handbook.

DSC09679 preview


We have an exciting calendar for 2019 providing a good geographical spread of circuits across the country.

As an ex motor cycle racer, with 2 wheel racing firmly in my blood, I found that once introduced to RC bikes I was hooked and it served to revive my competitiveness in RC racing. I believe it is the ultimate RC racing discipline with the unique quality of being the only category to deliberately balance on 2 wheels. With ever evolving bike designs and technology that enhance close competitive racing combined with a strong fun factor, there has never been a better time to get yourself an RC bike and come and join the gang. If it’s a true challenge that you are seeking then there is no better place to find it than to come RC Bike racing.

I look forward to seeing you trackside for the 2019 season. Alan Leighton – Chairman

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Welcome to the Micro Section of the BRCA, encapsulates all 1/16th - 1/18th RC offroad racing.

Our section is relatively new in the overall terms of the BRCA, but over the past 8 years we have grown year on year. Now offering a National Championship, seeing on average 75 racers at all events. The championship is normally run from October to March and consisits of 6 events, with competitors best 4 results counting towards the overall Championship positions.

The BRCA Micro Section committee are extremely proactive towards promoting are , the RC hobby as a whole and the National Championship and are always happy to be contacted by both new and experienced drivers looking for information about who we are and what we can offer!

Our section rules are also used as guidelines by many clubs across the UK to help regulate 1/16th off-road racing at the grass root level.

If you've never seen what the Micro section can offer, then we would encourage you to pop along to one of our National events and have a chat with some of our racers or one of the committee.


Cut down to the base form the function of the British Radio Car Association is the following four objects that define us.

(a) To promote the construction and racing of radio-controlled cars.
(b) To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas relating to the sport.
(c) To set rules and standards for construction and racing.
(d) To encourage National and International competition within a co-ordinated calendar.

The rest of the Handbook and guidelines are our best effort to facilitate these objects with fairness and objectivity without loosing sight of the fact that we are enjoying the participation in one way or another.

But...... it's so much more and this section is dedicated to trying to explain everything about the BRCA that anyone could want to know.

The BRCA Electric Board (EB) was formed at the end of 2000. Within the Association, there are different Sections that use the same Electric items, which prior to the forming of the (EB) had to comply with varying rules within the Sections. The prime objective of the (EB) is to formulate a common set of rules, specifications and fix maximum prices for the BRCA Electric Sections to use. Officers of the (EB) also liaise with the major International organisations for our sport, in an effort to achieve common rules and specifications that apply to International events.

Changes, clarifications or updates.

  • (EB). Rule Changes:- Wording amended to clarify that all Electric Sections involved with the (EB) are consulted before any change is adopted.
  • Homologation Procedure:- Wording amended to clarify that items supplied by internet sales only, is not acceptable when items are required to be available by retail sale
  • Price Limits:- The retail price limit for motors and batteries is unchanged from 2007.
  • Motor Variations:- As with the armature variations in Brushed motors, any variations of the rotors for a Brushless motor must be submitted for approval and be available by retail sale.
  • Starter-Pack Batteries:- The capacity for batteries in this category has been raised to 3700mah for 2008.
  • Cell Rules:- The 2007 BRCA Handbook stated that the BRCA intended to follow the EFRA ruling for the dimensions of cells in use at sanctioned events from 1st April 2008. EFRA has confirmed that this ruling will be implemented and the BRCA (EB) has confirmed their intentions from the 2007 Handbook.

There have been various suggestions that the new dimension ruling is to combat recent safety issues with certain types of cells. This is not correct, as the intention to change the rule was agreed long before the exploding cells became apparent.

The reason for the new dimension ruling is simply to have some control on manufacturers. Previously, cells only had to meet the dimensions when supplied as samples for approval and before any charging/matching processes. This procedure did not control the cells after approval. The result being, that some manufacturers have effectively been ‘cheating’ by changing the cells after approval and during the homologation year. We are aware of cells increasing in size, weight, (and presumably performance) during the year, often at the expense of reliability. Some of the cells have increased in length to the extent that they will not fit correctly into the cars. Even the ‘matching’ companies are having problems with cells being too long for their equipment.

In recent years, some cells have effectively been illegal, even though they were detailed on the homologation list, because they were not the same specification as the samples approved. In an effort to control this situation, it has been decided that cells have to conform to the IEC Spec. dimensions even after charging/cycling. It is hoped that this will limit the development by the manufacturers during the homologation year and result in more consistent cells being produced.

The intention to adopt this ruling has been published for more than one year. However, the BRCA are well aware that this could result in some cells already purchased being outside the new dimension limits, so the ruling has been restricted to National events for 2008.

The new ruling states: - "It is known that fast charging may result in cell distortion. However from 1st April 2008, cells used at BRCA National events may never exceed 43.0 mm length and 23.0 mm diameter. This ruling will apply to all BRCA sanctioned events from 1st April 2009."

  • Magnets: - Manufacturers are now allowed to use neodymium magnets in all types of motors.
  • 19T Motors: - Rule amended to state that the timing will be a designated maximum of 24 degrees rather than fixed at 24 degrees.
  • Brushless motors: - During the last year, there has been much development of the magnetic rotor in these motors. Most manufacturers have changed to using sintered magnet rotors and there are now different size rotors available to be used as a tuning aid. The ruling on the magnetic rotor has been amended to allow the original rotor to be swapped, providing the variants comply with the dimensions stated, have been approved and are available from the manufacturer of the motor. This also means that a motor, which is normally supplied with a bonded rotor, can now be fitted with a sintered version.

How the (EB) works.

The (EB) committee comprises of members from each of the Electric Sections that support (EB) procedures. This way, any proposed changes to rules are evaluated to ensure that such changes will not have a detrimental affect on any particular Electric Section. To ensure that any changes or additions to the (EB) rules have wide support and understanding, the (EB) will only accept proposals from the Electric Sections and not from any single BRCA member.

The (EB) committee have regular contact with distributors and manufacturers to research any changes to products and also to investigate the possible impact of new technology. To this end, our contact base spreads worldwide to gain the knowledge we require.

Currently, the (EB) controls the specifications and homologation of Batteries and Motors, but future products may require adding to our remit as new technology develops. The Control of Batteries and Motors. This works quite simply, with homologation lists produced to inform members what Batteries and Motors are legal to use (and when) at BRCA sanctioned events. The lists for approved motors are constantly changing, so the BRCA website is used as the point of reference. If a particular make of Battery or Motor is not listed as approved for use, on the homologation lists detailed on this website, it cannot be used at BRCA sanctioned events.

Batteries: - The approval of batteries is limited to once each year. New batteries (cells) have to be submitted to the (EB) by the end of Dec. latest. The (EB) then requires verification from the manufacturer or distributor, that any new cell will be available in the UK in sufficient quantities. Providing a cell complies with the technical specifications and the (EB) are satisfied with the availability criteria, it will be added to the approved list.

The approved list is updated each Jan., but any new cell that has been added does not become legal for use at BRCA sanctioned events until 1st.April following. No new cells will be added to the list during the year. This process informs members of what new cells are allowed before the racing season starts and ensures that any cells purchased are not out-dated during the racing season. Motors: - manufacturers on a regular basis release new motors. Because of the spread of events within the various Electric Sections, it would not be practical to limit the homologation of motors to specific dates in the year. New motors can be submitted to the (EB) for approval at any time in the year. Before a new motor can be added to the relevant homologation list, the (EB) check with the distributor that a significant number have been received in the UK. Providing the new motor submitted complies with technical specifications and the required numbers have been received in the UK, the motor will be added to the homologation list on the website. To make it simple to follow any updates, the (EB) will only add new motors to the homologation lists on Mondays of any particular week.

Queries. Any queries, that cannot be answered by the Technical officers in the Electric Sections, relating to specifications, rules or homologation procedures that the (EB) control should be addressed to the (EB) Secretary.

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1/8th Stock Cars

Welcome to the Stock Cars section, where we race 1/8th scale versions of full size Brisca F1 stock cars. Our scaled down cars use a welded steel chassis and painted plastic bodyshell, RC servos for steering and throttle control and are powered by 3.5cc nitro fuelled engines producing 2-3bhp which is delivered to the rear wheels via a belt driven single beam axle.  


The season runs from March to October with meetings held across the country (and in Holland) at purpose built tracks that are oval shaped, 30-40 meters in length with tarmac surfaces and steel plate barriers.Not only is contact legal but it is encouraged, as all cars have heavy duty front and rear steel bumpers which are used to move other cars off the racing line in an attempt to get past. Drivers are graded based on their skill level with better drivers starting races at the back of the grid.


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Hello there and welcome to the BRCA Club Sport page


This is where all the classes that don't hold a national series or not yet reconised by the BRCA live

For example;


Rock Climbing 

Drag Racing 

Very soon you will see Short Course arriving into this section for their events for 2019! 

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