BRCA National Meetings 2020 Update - Covid19


Click here to read all the updates from the BRCA Sections about their national series for 2020 with the Covid-19 outbreak. This will updated everytime something changes so keep checking back! 


Updated 24/03/20

Please see below the different plans and announcement’s for the various sections about their national series during this Covid-19 Outbreak

12th Circuit

The intention is not to set out what we want, but rather to take a lead from the clubs within our regional framework as to what works for them.  The objective is to provide from that framework a calendar of events that you can go to, to support clubs and get racing again.  We also hope that at some point we could organise a single, bonanza event for all the best drivers in each region to come and race. (Pete Winton)

12th Stockcars F2

Round 4 have been cancelled. Hopefully rearrange these at a later date

10th Off Road

NATIONAL Events:-  All 2020 1/10th. Off-Road Nationals have been cancelled.  This includes the Junior & Veteran Championship and the Formula Championship.
All Licence Grades from 2019 will be carried-over to 2021.  Qualification for 2021 Euro's & World's will be based on the 2019 Championship results.
REGIONAL Events:-  All Regions have agreed that Regional Licence Grades will not be awarded from any 2020 events and all Licence Grades from 2019 will be carried-over to 2021.  Most Regions hope to be able to hold some 'fun events' at the end of the season if restrictions allow.
Regions that have cancelled their 2020 Series are :-  East of England, Mid. East, Mid. West, N. East, N. West, S. East, S. West, Wales.
Mid. South & Scotland to be decided.

10th Off Road Trucks 

All rounds have been cancelled. However the september date will be retained for a one off meeting if able 

10th Electric Circuit

The 2020 National Series has been cancelled. Please email if you require a refund. Entry fees that haven't been refunded/requested by September 30th will be donated to the National/Regional Clubs

10th IC Circuit

All events have been cancelled for 2020, However hopefully to run some sort of series later on in the year 

8th Circuit

The 1/8th Circuit committee have been in contact with all of tracks we have the pleasure of visiting each year, investigating what could be feasible when the restrictions allow and based on the stated social distancing and current guidance from the government. We will be guided by the respective tracks / club committees as to what we can do and when, but rest assured we all want to get racing to support the clubs, help our drivers and assist the RC industry as soon as we can.

When we do get out to the track it will be very different, social distancing is likely to be here for many months to come, so pitting will need to be spaced correctly with restrictions on the amount of drivers on the rostrum. PPE may need to be enforced with potentially face masks being worn at all times and gloves being mandatory for marshalling etc.

The key point here is we are working all scenarios with the clubs to get us racing again as soon as we can.

We are yet to see if travel will be restricted around the country, hotels and the hospitality industry may have significant restrictions and so the format for our meetings may need to change, but we are considering all these elements. If travel is restricted, perhaps we go to regional meetings, one day events may be easier than our two day meetings so our race format may change, everything is open for consideration. We need to be guided by our clubs and how they want to see the meetings run, the clubs are the foundation of our racing and so they will dictate what we can and can’t do and we need to fully respect their position.

We would like to see a 2020 championship and we can assure that if it at all feasible we will run a championship calendar to support this objective, but please bear in mind we can only start when the government guidance and the clubs allow us to race. We thank you all for your support during this difficult time. Please Stay Safe, Support the clubs, help our drivers and assist the RC industry and hopefully soon we will be trackside.

1/8th Circuit committee


8th RallyX 

It is with great regret that we need to inform everyone that there will be no BRCA National Rallycross events in 2020.  As a committee, we have tried to give everyone as much time as possible before making this decision, and whilst things are changing constantly, it is unlikely that for the foreseeable future, we would be able to provide an effective event, with the numbers that we have to accommodate for a full National meeting. We are really sorry to have to make this decision but hopefully you can understand how difficult that would be. We would like to offer everyone that has a confirmed entry for 2020 the opportunity to “roll over” that entry into 2021 - that means that if you have an entry for 2020 confirmed, you will automatically have a place for 2021, and your entry fee would be held until then. You do not need to notify the committee - that will automatically take place.Of course, if you would like to get a refund, then that is no problem, please contact the Entry Secretary - however, please note that you would then not be guaranteed an entry for 2021, rather you would need to apply when entries become available in January 2021. All of our venues for 2020 have been notified, and it is our intention to support those venues in 2021 - ie in effect we “roll over” the entire season from 2020 into 2021. Here’s to much better times ahead and to seeing the competitive but very friendly environment that our sections brings. All the best in the meantime,

BRCA Rallycross Committee

Truggy + E8 Buggy

The Truggy Section has planned a mini series, Hopefully starting in July, Running 3 rounds. at Brookthorpe, North West Nitro and Kent. All the events are on Truggy section events place Click Here to go to said page. Some of the entries have been carreid over so please log in and to the link stated previously to check your entry status


8th Stockcar

Events cancelled up until June, Awaiting on more advice on meetings after when it arrives 

Large Scale Off Road

It is with great regret that we need to inform everyone that there will be no BRCA National events in 2020.  

The section decided to make a donation to the clubs that should have held nationals to help support our clubs through this difficult period. Without tracks and clubs to race at we do not have a section or even a national series.

As a committee, we appreciate that with no series you may be disapointed that there is no off road racing this season and ask that you support your local club. We also recommended that you still use your planned national weekend to visit any club that is holding a meeting that you feel comfortable to attend.

We thank you for support and look forward to seeing you trackside in 2021.

BRCA LSOR Committee



Round 1 @ Cotswolds on the 19th April has been cancelled, Hopefully round 2 will be ran on the 31st May  

EFRA Events 

EFRA have now extended the cancellation of all EFRA events.  All events that were due to start before the 1st. August have now been cancelled/postponed.  It is intended that the events cancelled will use the same venues in 2021. This includes the +40 1/8th & 1/10th 200mm IC track Utrecht (Netherlands) and the +40 1/8h Off Road Reding (France)
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