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Getting Back on Track Update 11-08-2020


Getting Back on Track

You will all have seen, or should now refer too, the information for Competitors and Clubs to be able to operate under Covid 19 and the associated social distancing regulations indoors (Scotland excepted) and outdoors (throughout the UK)


Additional Things to Remember: -

We All appreciate that the Covid-19 regulations we read about every day for our social purposes vary to those we encounter every day at our Employment.

Well the Regulations for Sport differ too – you can see that watching the football being back and all sorts of other Sports starting this weekend too – Us included.

Fortunately, we’re part of the UK Motorsport scene and this means we can re-start our activities too.

It’s not perfect – some of the things we’re having to do (and some of the things you’ll see other sports people doing) are a bit odd, but the Regulations that Sport has work with are what we have – so for now we have to adjust what and how we do what we do, to suit, though Questions have been asked which may help align practices in the future.

None of what the Association has circulated is the Committee ‘making things up’ our role is to take the regulations issued by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, information from Motorsport UK and Sport England extract from that what’s relevant to our world and get it to you – even if it’s not entirely as we would like it.

Your club has received a letter (also posted on Facebook & the Website) outlining how the regulations apply to our sport, please feel free to read this yourself as it’s worth understanding how our sport fits into the sporting world.


On a difficult note

There have been several incidences of members arguing with clubs over them re-opening, and an incident of a member openly ignoring local  lockdown regulations – These are both Unacceptable under any scenario.

The executive will have no hesitation in backing officials (club or section) if we have to deal with these sort of issues - there is NO excuse for any actions which may put the operation of our sport at risk.


If You think a club or an individual is doing something wrong, please raise your concern in an appropriate manner – these are confusing times and it’s easy to get things wrong, and also to interpret what may look wrong incorrectly, we strongly recommend that social media be avoid for a 'discussion' on this sort of issue and a questions raised via a ticket on ‘contact us’ instead.

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