Scotland BRCA Covid-19 - Updated 18th November


BRCA Covid 19 News - Scotland


NOTE:- None of what follows Is the Association Executive ‘making up rules’ this is all extracted from the information issued by the Government, the Devolved National Assemblies, the National Sporting Body and Motorsport UK. The role of the Association Executive is to go through all that on your behalf and extract from it what You need to Know – That is below:-

Outdoor Racing:

Outdoor racing is possible in all tiers following the BRCA guidance for outdoor racing. 

Indoor Racing

Indoor racing is possible in tiers 0-2 following the BRCA guidance for indoor racing. Indoor racing is not possible in tiers 3 and 4. 

In both types of venue – numbers are limited to 30 persons in total (plus essential carers or one parent per young competitor). 


From Friday 20th November travel restrictions within the Scottish tier system become law

Only essential travel is allowed for moving from a tier 0,1 or 2 area into a tier 3 or 4 area. Within tier 0,1 and 2 travel between tiers should be minimised. 

Local authority areas that are level 3 or 4 tiers are restricted to essential travel only outwith that local authority area regardless of which tier level you are travelling to. 

In all tiers only essential travel to other parts of the United Kingdom is allowed. 

Attending an amateur sporting event is not considered essential travel. It is therefore essential if attending a race meeting each racer ensures that they are eligible to race and not subject to restrictions. If a club knows a racer has travelled outwith the travel restrictions they should refuse entry to the race meeting. 

Any racer not complying with local travel restrictions can be reported to the BRCA executive.