The BRCA 1/12th Circuit Section is pleased to announce its calendar of events for the 2023/24 National Championships for 1/12th scale electric LMP cars. 

The BRCA Nationals have earned a reputation for being a hugely competitive series with the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere you will find. This is a series of events, open to drivers of all abilities, that offer the opportunity to race against, and learn from, the country’s best drivers.

The championships will be contested over six indoor rounds on carpet, with each driver’s best four scores counting towards their final placing in the series. Through the season we will visit some of our tried and trusted, favourite venues.

Calendar Dates

BRCA British GP - 18th & 19th November 2023 - Eastbourne Electric Car Club

 National Rounds. 

 1.  20th January 2024  Eastbourne Electric Car Club, East Sussex 
 2.  21st January 2024  Eastbourne Electric Car Club, East Sussex 
 3.  17th February 2024  Chesterfield Auto Racing Club, Alfreton
 4.  18th February 2024 Chesterfield Auto Racing Club, Alfreton
 5.  16th March 2024  Chesterfield Auto Racing Club, Alfreton
 6.  17th March 2024  Chesterfield Auto Racing Club, Alfreton 


Classes and notes

For the British GP, classes will be 6.5 Modified, Stock and LMPGT to BRCA Rules.  All classes are subject to a minimum entry of six drivers.

For the BRCA National series:

LMP classes for this year will be 13.5 Stock and 6.5 Modified.  GT12 will be running separate National events - see their Nationals page.

The 13.5 Stock class will be run on an open basis. Finals will be run A-Z based on qualifying.  Only F1 and F2 formulas will be used this season.

Drivers will be assigned formulas based upon ratings at the start of the season, subject to scrutiny by the committee. Drivers with ratings near the break point will have the opportunity to choose their formula. Formulas will be announced before the start of the season.  A trophy will be awarded to the highest F2 driver at each meeting, and an F2 Champion for the season.

The Open class will have a 6.5 turn motor limit and will be run subject to there being at least fifteen entries in the class for round 1.  If the entry requirement for the first round is not met, drivers will be offered a transfer to Stock class.

All classes will use zero-timing (blinky) speed controllers, motors and batteries from the BRCA Electric Board lists current at the date of each event.

Drivers may only enter for 1 class per day. The National Championships will be for 13.5 Stock and Modified – with separate award for F2 Stock. 

Please note that pure RC4 transponders (AMB Percy and Pro) should not be used at these events.


The racing will follow the normal format used for 1/12th circuit nationals (subject to time constraints)

  • 1 round of controlled practice run in heats
  • 4 rounds of qualifying
  • 1 leg of finals

You can view the current rules here:

Event Event Date Location Entered Available Enter
GT12 2024 National Series Round 1 29-09-2024 8:00 am Charged RC Show 4 60

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GT12 2024 National Series Round 2 20-10-2024 8:00 am West Bridgford Model Car Club 0 64

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GT12 2024 National Series Round 3 24-11-2024 8:00 am Tamworth Radio Racing Auto Club 0 64

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GT12 2024 National Series Round 4 02-03-2025 8:00 am Stafford RCMCC (Indoor) 0 64

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GT12 2024 National Series Round 5 02-03-2025 8:00 am Chesterfield Auto Racing Society (CARS) 0 64

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