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If you haven't raced at a Stockcar national event before, have a browse and find out what you've been missing!

The main thing we promote is everyone having fun! We do not discriminate on age, Gender or ability level and encourage everyone to have a go.

Help and advice is available at nationals for all newcomers.

You require a BRCA Licence to enter this event. 2019 sees 5 National rounds, along with the British Championship and World Championship.

Rugby national date still to be confirmed.


Calendar Dates for 2019!

Round 1 - Rugby - 3rd March 2019

Round 2 - Urmston - 27th May 2019

Round 3 - Nathern - 4th August 2019

Round 4 - Newburgh - 7th September 2019

Round 5 - Coaltown - 8th September 2019


F1 British Championship - Burton Banger Club - 30th June 2019 

F1 World Final - Odsal Stadium - 12th&13th October 2019


How to enter

To enter one of the F1 stockcar events. Simply log into your BRCA account and add to the basket the events you wish to enter below. Please note that Junior and Senior entries are different so please make sure you add the correct event to your cart. 

Fill in all the information on the registration form. Then proceed to payment, You can either pay via PayPal or you can pay with card within the PayPal environment 

For the F1 World Final round in October, You will see 4 options at the top of the page. Make sure you select the option you require either Junior (with or without food) or Senior (with or without food) once you have entered this option and paid, it will not be able to be changed at a later date, so please make sure you select the correct option first time. 

You will need to be a 2019 BRCA Member to enter these events. If you haven't renewed your membership for 2019 the system won't allow you to enter.

Any questions or issues please contact us

Stock Car Headerfinal

The 2019 F2 National championship details are below.


  • Round 1 Team Powers Golden Helmet - 5th January 2019 @ TTT Raceway
  • Round 1 World Qualifying Round - 6th January 2019 @ TTT Raceway
  • Round 2 World Qualifying Round - 27th January 2019 @ SMF Raceway
  • Round 3 World Qualifying Round - 10th February 2019 @ Chelmsford RC
  • Motorsport with Attitude - 16/17th February 2019 @ Peterborough Arena 
  • Round 4 World Qualifying Round - 10th March 2019 @ Hathern Raceway
  • Round 2 Team Powers Golden Helmet - 13th April 2019 @ WORC 
  • Round 5 World Qualifying Round - 14th April 2019 @ WORC 
  • Round 6 World Qualifying Round - 12th May 2019 @ Hayward Oval Track Racers
  • Round 7 World Qualifying Round - 15th June 2019 @ Levan Model Race Car 
  • Scottish Open Championship - 16th June 2019 @ Levan Model Car Race Car
  • Round 3 Team Powers Golden Helmet - 6th July 2019 @ Sleaford Raceway 
  • Round 8 World Qualifying Round - 7th July 2019 @ Sleaford Raceway
  • Round 9 World Qualifying Round - 28th July 2019 @ Guilford RC Raceway 
  • Round 4 Team Powers Golden Helmet - 21st 2019 @ TTT Raceway
  • World Championshipships and Final round of Golden Helmet Final Round - 22nd September 2019 @ Gresley Hall 


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F2 Stockcars

  • Saturn 20/Mardave G2 motors.
  • ESC MAX RRP £85
  • Sub C 4.8V Nimh

Entry Details

£10 Adults entry fee.

£6 Juniors

Booking closes at 10pm seven days before the event. At this time the number of finals will be fixed,


Special Events! 


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