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The 2020 F2 National championship details are below.




           4th January   European championship (inc junior European) @ Essex Raceway CM32HP

           5th January   World Qualifying round 1 @ Essex Raceway CM32HP

          1st February   Schumacher Golden Helmet round 1 @ MWA Peterborough showground.

          2nd February  World Qualifying round 2 @ MWA Peterborough showground.

          15th March  World Qualifying round 3 @ Hathern Raceway LE673PW

          19th April  World Qualifying round 4 @ SMF Raceway PE132RJ

          9th May   Golden Helmet round 2@ TTT Raceway DE159TJW

          10th May   World Qualifying round 5 @ TTT Raceway DE159TJ

          6th June  Golden Helmet round 3@ Hot Racers RH163NL

         7th June  World Qualifying round 6@ Hot Racers RH163NL

         4th July  Golden Helmet round 4 @ Force Raceway WF59ND

         5th July   World Qualifying round 7 @ Force Raceway WF59ND

        26th September   AGM @ TTT RACEWAY DE159TJ

        26TH September Golden Helmet final @ TTT Raceway DE159TJ

        18TH October    English championship (inc junior championship) @ Hathern Raceway LE673P



F2 Class

·         21 turn brushed motor conforming to EB spec sheet. (Schumacher Core 21. Kamtec k21. HPI Saturn 20)

·         ESC max RRP £85

·         Sub c 4.8v NIMH Battery

·         Reasonable representation of a full size BRISCA F2




Entry Details

              £12 Adults entry fee.

              £10 Juniors

              Booking in is open now. Closes at 10pm seven days before the event.


Special Events! 

            Schumacher sponsored Golden Helmet Championship. Core 21 motor ONLY.  1 Pair of contact rear tyres. 

            English Championship on the Coffin track 






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