The BRCA represents over 50 classes of racing covering, indoor and outdoor racing, Oval, Circuit, Drifting and Off Road for model motor sport vehicles that range from those that fit in your hands to those who weight is just shy of 20Kg’s so we are sure we can find a class that suits you and your budget.

Our recommendation is to visit your local club and see what they race, or travel a bit further if you want to race a particular class that’s not raced local but once there ask all those questions you wish to know, seek their advice and recommendations but remember just because one vehicle or class suits one person it may not suit you or the next person looking to join the hobby.

Once you’ve visited a few clubs set yourself a budget for a starter package, either new or second-hand equipment will suffice.  Options of classes to race includes ‘On Road Circuit’ that may be on carpet indoors or tarmac outdoors and ‘Off Road’ racing which may also be indoors using a range of surfaces or, again, outdoors on astro, grass and clay race tracks. 

BRCA Sections are:

  • 1/12th Electric Circuit
  • 1/10th Electric Circuit
  • 1/10th Electric Off Road
  • 1/10th Electric Off Road Stadium Trucks
  • 1/12th Electric Oval
  • 1/8th IC Rally X
  • 1/10th IC Circuit
  • 1/8th Circuit
  • 1/8th IC Stock Cars
  • 1/8th Truggy
  • Bikes
  • Large Scale Off Road

You will find many more classes in Club Sport;

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