This class of racing is probably one of the oldest in the country and started off way back in the 1970’s. The cars we race today are 1:12th scale replicas of the modern day Le Mans prototype sports cars such as the Toyota TS040 Hybrid and the Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro.

The cars are of a simple design but feature the use of latest materials such as carbon fibre and titanium. This makes them very lightweight which gives them their incredible speed and acceleration, making them probably the fastest of any of the electric classes of racing. They are powered by rechargeable electric batteries, with an electronic speed controller and small electric motor providing the drive to the rear wheels. Major manufacturers such as Associated, Serpent and Yokomo all market 1:12th scale cars and there is fierce competition at the top level between these major teams. The simple nature of 1:12th scale chassis design means that smaller and more specialized companies such as CRC, Zen-Racing and V-Dezign can also compete with the larger brands in top level competition.

Here in the UK the racing takes place indoors on a special carpet surface. The cars use foam tyres and this gives them amazing levels of grip in the corners, making them real fun to drive. There are a large number of BRCA affiliated clubs throughout the country that run 1:12th scale cars and to be able to race indoors in the warm and dry on a cold winters day has to be a major attraction. They can also be raced outdoors on tarmac tracks and this is in fact the norm in sunnier parts of the world such as Japan and the US.

Unlike the other electric classes, the races are 8 minutes in length. This increased track time for your money, combined with the relatively low cost of running 1:12th scale circuit cars has to be one of the major advantages of this class.

A British national championship is run throughout the winter at a number of different venues across the country. These meetings consist of two full days of racing with qualifying and finals, just like the full size events. At the end of the season a national champion is crowned. Club racing occurs at clubs up and down the country all year round.

On the world stage Great Britain has achieved great things in 1:12th scale with our very own David Spashett being crowned world champion in 1994, 1998 and 2006, titles he holds alongside his countless European championship wins.

So if you’re looking for an affordable type of car to race indoors then you could do no better than try 1:12th scale circuit racing.

Join Us!

Getting involed with 1/12 Scale as a racer, organiser/helper or even a spectator couldn't be easier. With club, regional and national events taking place nationwide throughout the year, you can be sure that there's something going on somewhere near you!

The best thing to do is find your local club and pop along to one of their race meetings to meet existing racers. If you are unsure of where your nearest club is, then your local model shop is often a good place to start. Alternatively, details for many of the clubs can be found on or in the various magazines relating to the hobby.

The 1/12th section, particularly at national meetings, is like a big family. We all share common interests and most of us treat racing as a social activity as much as a hobby. There is never a shortage of friendly, enthusiastic and helpful people and they are all willing to offer advice and guidance - all you have to do is ask!

Social Media

Many of the drivers are active on various internet forums and social media outlets. The most popular UK based forum is RCRacechat. Here you'll find informantion, tips & advice and general discussion/banter relating to the class. There are several groups on Facebook as well including (but not limited to):

BRCA 1/12th Scale Nationals

BRCA GT12 Regionals

GT12 Circuit Cars (UK)

LMP12 Circuit Cars (UK)