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BRCA is RC Racing

Radio Controlled Motorsport

We race radio-controlled model cars, trucks and bikes; however, this isn’t as simple a statement as it might seem! We have over 13 different classes within the association catering from small electric powered ones that do about 30mph through to cars powered by 3.5cc internal combustion engines that do over 80mph and even those with 30cc petrol engines no matter if its indoor or outdoor we have a class for it.

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About BRCA

British Radio Car Association

The BRCA (British Radio Car Association) are the governing body of the radio-controlled model motor racing hobby within Great Britain   We have over 7,000 members who on any day of the week will be racing at one of the many model vehicle clubs around the country.

The association represents over 13 classes of racing covering, indoor and outdoor racing, Oval, Circuit, Drifting and Off Road for model motor sport vehicles that range from those that fit in your hands to those who weight is just shy of 20Kg’s so we are sure we can find a class that suits you and your budget.

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What we do


BRCA Handbooks

Each year we produce a members handbook, along with Section rule books.


Race Licence

Join today to recieve your Race Licence just like full size motorsport.


National Calendar

Every year we host National Championships for all 12 of our Sections.


Affiliated Clubs

We have over 200 affiliated clubs, providing the best RC Racing in the UK.


Racer Hub

Here you will find everything a racer needs from section news to rules.


Automated Timing

Using cutting edge technology we record our results down to 100th of a second.
















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