2016 BRCA LSOR AGM Summary

Large Scale Off Road

The Large Scale Off Road section are pleased to offer a quick preview of the rule and committee changes from this years AGM


The minutes from our recent section AGM will be out within a few days but the headlines from the AGM are :-

The BRCA are to introduce from 1st April a safety ruling that all Li family batteries (LiPo and LiFe) above 10w hours are to hardcase when used in an RC vehicle.

BRCA membership fee for the 2017 race season will increase to £20 per year but will now include personal accident cover

LSOR section two changes on the committee

Peter Barnes replaces Jim McManus as secretary

Dane Whittleston replaces Andy Knight  as vice chairman

The 2017 LSOR team are :-

Chairman                         Darren Worth

Vice Chairman                 Dane Whittleston

Secretary                          Peter Barnes

Treasurer                         Dane Whittleston

Safety Officer                   Paul Gresty

Public Relations               Steve Jones

Race Director                   Darren Worth

Website\Content            Darren Worth

Scrutineer(s)                     Mike Humphreys & Karl Norris

Assistant Scrutineer & Race Director       Richard Fallowfield


For the 2017 and 2018 seasons the LS EFRA Reps were appointed

2017 LS EFRA Rep             Mike Humphreys

2018 LS EFRA Rep             Craig Orman


Construction rule changes

  1. All vehicles racing in the 2017 national series shall be fitted with an airbox by the vehicles 4th national.

  1. From the 1st of April to comply with the new BRCA instructions on the use of Li compound batteries all Li compound Rx batteries (LiPo or LiFe) are to be hardcase when used in Large Scale Vehicles, softcase LiPo’s\LiFe’s may be used in your transmitter but all types must be charged in suitable charging sacks and on a suitable charger. Nicads or other types of batteries do not need to be in hard cases.

Procedural changes

  1. Drivers who take too long to go and marshal will lose their FTQ during qualification and FTD if it occurs during the finals

  2. Lower finals to be increased in duration if time allows


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman