2017 LSOR Section AGM

Large Scale Off Road

Whilst we may be only a week away from Rnd 7 of the 2017 race season it is that time of year when we need to consider proposals for this years section AGM which is on the 29th October (Details on the venue are at the bottom of this post). In line with the 2017 BRCA LSOR section rules the 2017 section secretary needs all proposals so send them to lsorsec@brca.org.


Message from Pete,

All my fellow racers, as some will know I am the Secretary of this glorious section, as such I am tasked with collecting and then forwarding on any rule changes proposed by you the Racers! if you have a BRCA license you get a vote and can request a change of a rule to be voted in, if you want to do this please follow the link below to the BRCA website which has all the information you need to get your suggestion into the discussion at the AGM meeting in october.

If your not there in person you can't vote on it!

You want to get it in the rules you need to be there! its free to attend!

All Proposals are to be in no later than 25th September 2017 to me, any later and there is a chance it won't get on the list, this is so that i can get them published onto the website for people to see, discuss and maybe if you get enough people there voted in ?

I will not be keeping records of what people post here so please contact me via email below after having read the details on the website, all rules can be amended but only if it does not affect safety if that is the main purpose of the rule Info


https://www.brca.org/ look for the AGM post / Section

Email to me at address below or come and see me in person at the next round at North Ings Raceway as i will be there from Friday.


Please remember Committee posts need filling too!

The 2017 section AGM (~10:30) will be held as normal following the main BRCA AGM which is being held at 9AM on the 29th October at

The JCB Academy

Mill Street,



ST14 5JX

01889 506100



Hotels - Premier Inn – Uttoxeter – https://www.premierinn.com/


In terms of 2018 race venues these need to be mailed to the secretary (lsorsec@brca.org) for the 2018 committee to review and announce in a timely manner following the AGM.

Please note that any new venue being proposed will need to provide the 2018 committee a detailed summary of their facility detailing camping, toilets, track specification, catering, rostrum – max drivers/protected/open, track limitations, what you can bring to the LSOR series and why the series should visit you, typical meetings run todate any other interesting facts!


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman