2018 Large Scale Off Road (LSOR) Race Format Rnds 2 - 8

Large Scale Off Road

Since the opening round of the 2018 series the BRCA LSOR committee have been in discussion on how the series can support the current balance in numbers, provide a fair race meeting for all (without dropping down to 5-minute heats) and finish earlier than our current 7pm which makes it a long day for all.


Unlike other popular classes we offer three 30 minute “run time” finals which if you include the lead in, out and change overs it takes about 40 minutes to run one, so just for our main finals we need 2hours to execute before we add on any class sub finals.


For the remainder of the 2018 series the committee have agreed to run 1 round of practice on the Saturday afternoon, commencing between 3:30 and 4 pm following a drivers briefing. Whilst the section appreciates that not all drivers can make both days but with the vast majority on site from Saturday morning it will be anticipated that tracks will be open for practice mid-morning until 3pm allowing any rework to be undertaken before the 1st round of qualification commences.


Our qualification procedure, 2 out of 3 rounds to count will not change and moving forward  this season we will continue to use the “lowest”round point scoring system (0,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc.) rather than (200,198,197,196,195,194,193) as trialled at the series opening round due to the positive feedback race control received on how easily you could understand your finishing position(s).


By executing the round of qualification on the Saturday this will enable the qualification heats to return to 10 minutes and for example if we only had 6 heats of qualification and with an 8.30 start (8:15 drivers briefing) we would enter our finals around 12:30 and be completed for 16:30. Of course we appreciate our numbers may not split evenly into 6 heats so as we add an extra heat on to the day we increase our finishing time by 30minutes.


I have spoken to Richard Smith and we will be commencing this new format at Round 2 to help facilitate an early get away for those travelling any sort of distance.


If you are planning on entering the 2018 race series could you please book in ahead of the meeting (registration closes a week before each event to enable race control to set-up the meeting) via the www.brca.org website and your log in details. Since time will be limited now on the Saturday for payment (i.e. race fees need to be paid before the 1st round of qualification) can I remind you that if you have a paypal account you can pay for your rounds as you enter them via the www.brca.org website. Long term this will be the sections preferred method of payment to remove the need to collate race fees during the meeting.


The section seeks your co-operation with this during the 2018 season whilst it continues to monitor our attendance levels and review options for the 2019 season which can all be talked about at our sections AGM later this September at round 7 of our championship.


Darren Worth

2018 BRCA LSOR Section Chairman