2018 LSOR Clarification – multispeed transmission systems

Large Scale Off Road

To all Large Scale Off Road National Championship Racers,

It has been bought to the Large Scale Off Road committees attention that multispeed transmission systems may soon be available for some of the off road vehicles which participate within our championship.


Whilst the LSOR section welcomes development within our sport we do not currently have any rules that permit their use within the Large Scale Off Road national series.However in the interest of determining their suitability, the committee have taken the decision that whilst they are not permitted within our 2 Wheel Drive/4 Wheel Drive buggy and short course national classes their use would be within the spirt of our open class should anyone wish to try one.

This clarification is issued in accordance with our constitution and will be enforced from the opening round of the 2018 race series.

Please feel free to contact any one of the 2018 LSOR Section Committee if you have any further questions.


Darren Worth
2018 BRCALSOR Section Chairman