2019 BRCA LSOR Entry Opening

Large Scale Off Road

The 2019 BRCA LSOR committee have the pleasure in announcing that booking in for the 2019 race season will open on Friday, 4th January, this assumes all the correct switches have been thrown and electrons connected  :)

 Any issues then please contact the section via the support ticket system.

Due to the popularity of LSOR racing the committee requests all drivers to book in ahead of each meeting.

Registration will close on the Tuesday prior to the meeting so our visiting clubs and race team can prepare for the forthcoming event.

Payments can be made ahead of the meeting via PayPal when you register with the section offering a full refund if you are unable to participate in the meeting. Likewise cash payment is still available but we encourage you to use the electronic means to help minimise cash trackside and any savings offred by the section..

Our meetings will once again commence with a round of qualification late on Saturday afternoon due to our events popularity and desirer to run 10 minute heats and 30 minute class finals.

For all our welfares it is extremely important that you register online, this gives us :-

a) a list of contact details\addresses if something happens at the meeting and the emergency services need them

b) we are able to advise drivers of any changes to the race weekend ahead of there arrival.

c) enable us to confirm numbers for our event catering teams

Our 2019 handbook is in the final stages of being produced and once available it will be placed under our LSOR documents for you to download, in the mean time please visit the 2018 handbook and 2018 section AGM minutes for clarification on what has changed for 2019.

The section is aware of drivers who may wish to enter more than one class and as such our booking system will once again allow this but we remind any driver wishing to do more than the single class it is there responsibility to cover their allocated marshal points. Also if attendance levels need controlling then the section will ensure all drivers get at least a single class race so those requesting additional classes will have to identify their primary class which will be guaranteed.


Our 2019 race weekends are 

March 30/31st                 LSOR National Round 1        Nene Valley Raceway, Northamptonshire*

April 20/21st                    LSOR National Round 2        Ebberston RC Track, Yorkshire

May 25/26th                    LSOR National Round 3        Lincolnshire Radio CCC

June 15/16th                   LSOR National Round 4        Pickering RC Track, Yorkshire

July 06/07th                    LSOR National Round 5        MMR Raceway, Wiltshire

August 17/18th               LSOR National Round 6        Pickering RC Track, Yorkshire

September 14/15th         LSOR National Round 7        Lincolnshire Radio CCC

October 12/13th              LSOR National Round 8        Nene Valley Raceway, Northamptonshire


To enter our series then please visit the Large Scale Off Road part of this website and select Large Scale events on the right hand side menu, future events will also be visible on the right too.

If you visit the events area of the BRCA website then you will be able to select our section events via the selection menus, you can also go directly to the sections registration page here.


The 2019 team and I look forward to seeing you at the Nene in March for our opening round and the 2018 trophy presentation.


Darren Worth

2019 BRCA LSOR Section Chairman

Email :- [email protected]

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