2021 LSOR Round 2 - Race Report

Large Scale Off Road

Last weekend 24th & 25th April, saw Round 2 of the BRCA Large Scale Off Road (LSOR) National Championships at North Ings Raceway – the first national event of the section since the outbreak of COVID-19, with 64 drivers in attendance, it was set to be a good weekend!


The weekend everyone has been waiting for was finally upon us! Racers from all accross the country started to arrive on Friday ready for a weekend of racing and action! With the weather looking good it was time to start the proceedings! 

Saturday - Practise, Qualifying and 2019 Trophy Presentation

The track opened at 10am Sharp, and was in tip top condition. Drivers made there way out to the track, for which for many of them, may have been the first time in over a year! The rostrum quickly filled up with drivers trying to get the best set-up's ahead of qualification later that day!

As per previous years, due to the ever growing size of the LSOR section, the track closed at 14:30, ready for the first round of qualification to start at 15:30! With the sun beaming down accross the Lincolnshire Fen, first out was the 4WD class, followed by the 2WD and then the SCT class!  

Due to the unusal year of 2020, the section had been un-able to provide the 2019 Class Winners with their trophies and so after qualifying had finished and the track was closed, a 2019 Trophy Presentation was commenced! 

 2019 - 4WD National Championship

4WD Main

 Pictured (Left to right): Leon Satchell (2nd Place), Ian Oddie (1st Place), Guy Page (3rd Place)

2019 - 4WD Clubman Championship

(Not present to collect)

1st Place: John Darby, 2nd Place: Andrew Gilber, 3rd Place: Sohail "syd" Iqbal 

Unfortunately, at the start of 2020, the section sadly lost one of their own, Syd, and so the trophy was collected by his friends, Guy Page, Leon Satchell and Roger Smith. The trophy has been given to the family in memory of Syd.


2019 - 4WD & SCT Junior

4wd junior

Pictured: Ryan Hinson - 1st Place

 2019 - 2WD National Championship

2WD main

Pictured (left to right): Andy Blackburn (2nd Place), Karl Norris (1st Place), Dominic Blackburn (3rd place - not pictured)

 2019 - 2WD Clubman Championship

2WD Clubman

Pictured (left to right): Phil Chester (2nd Place), Mindaugas Klenauskas (1st Place), Kayleigh Knight (3rd Place)

2019 - 2WD Junior Championship

2WD Junior

Pictured (left to right): Ryan Griffin (3rd place), Oliver Whittleston (1st Place), Zach Whittleston (4th Place)  - Not present (Brad Larkin, 2nd Place)

2019 - SCT National Championship

SCT main

Pictured (left to right): Jack Keatley (2nd Place), Dave Parish (1st Place), Neil Young (3rd Place)

2019 - SCT Clubman Championships

SCT clubman

 Pictured (Left to right): Wally Oates (2nd Place), Simon Godney (1st place), Josey Schifano (3rd Place).

Well done to all Racers in the 2019 season! 

Sunday - Qualifying and Finals!!

Sunday morning soon rocked round, and with the brisk breeze comming in accross the Lincolnshire Fen, it was a very cold start, which soon warmed up as the sun made its way out in the morning, just before trhe first round of qualfying! With some drivers turning up for the Sunday only, it was a fight for the top 7 spaces in the main A Finals! The driver of the day has to go to Craig Orman, who qualified in the 4WD C Final, but managed to bump up all the way to the A Final and finish in 4th Place! Well done Craig! 

With some excellent driving going on in All 4 Classes, we are please to confirm the top 10 in each Class are as follows! 


1 Tommy Chung 45 30:26.412 MCD RR5 XL Max
2 Ayaz Aslam 45 30:39.292 MCD Race Runner V5
3 Dave Parish 44 30:01.646 5ive-B
4 Craig Orman 44 30:13.157 MCD RR5
5 Stu Wood 44 30:27.717 Elcon
6 Rick Ashman 43 30:12.764 MCD Race Runner V5 XL Max
7 Shaun McFarland 43 30:42.844 Losi 5ive-B
8 Roger Smith 42 30:04.281 Race Runner V5 XL
9 Jack Keatley 13 8:46.362 Losi 5ive-B
10 Guy Page 8 5:49.181 MCD Race Runner V5 XL Max

 R2 4wd

Pictured (left to right): Ayaz Aslam (2nd place), Tommy Chung (1st place)


1 Karl Norris 44 30:34.901 Elcon Traxx
2 Mark Higgins 43 30:40.632 Elcon Traxx
3 Andy Blackburn 41 30:04.281 HT4
4 Kayleigh Knight 40 30:41.888 Elcon Traxx
5 Mindaugas Klenauskas 40 30:49.370 Elcon Traxx
6 Dean Coulson 39 30:28.344 HT3 V3
7 Neil Sivins 33 23:46.604 Elcon Traxx
8 Martin Fitzpatrick 31 24:31.363 Elcon Traxx
9 Phil Chester 27 21:36.270 Elcon Traxx
10 Oliver Whittleston 20 14:26.208 HT4

R2 2wd main

Pictured: Karl Norris (1st place)


1 Ian Oddie 43 30:06.698 Losi 5ive-T
2 Tayler Letchford 42 30:33.574 Losi 5ive-T
3 Neil Young 42 30:36.039 Losi 5ive-T
4 Matthew Buxton 41 30:01.367 30 Degree North - SC
5 Josey Schifano 38 30:04.050 W5 SCT V5 Max
6 David Attiwell 38 30:28.853 MCD W5
7 Kevin Hill 38 30:40.933 5ive - T
8 Patrick Vice 35 30:19.661 MCD W5
9 Matt Stokes 33 26:17.321 W5 SCT V5 XL Max
10 Simon Godney 4 3:25.582 MCD W5 SCT V5 XL Max

R2 sct main

Pictured (left to right): Tyler Letchford (2nd Place), Ian Oddie (1st place), Niel Young (3rd place)

R2 SCT club

Picutred (left to right): Josey Schifano (2nd Place Clubman), Tyler Letchford (1st place Clubman), Kevin Hill (3rd place clubman)

Well thats it guys! On behalf of the LSOR Section, can I take the opportunity to thank the North Ings Team, Guy and Thomas for all the hard work gone into the track to get it ready for this event! 

We look forward to seeing everyone at Round 3 in Ebberston on 22nd and 23rd April 2021! Can I take this opportunity also to remind everyone that booking in closes on 14th May 2021, so please ensure youare booked in before this date for entry to the race weekend! 

Roger Smith