BRCA LSOR - 2020 EFRA Euros venue change

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Whilst the section would like to wish the UK team who are heading to Bulgaria for this years European Championship all the best and have a great meeting we have been informed that the 2020 venue has been changed due to the selected venue not being able to host the event.

The 2020 venue will now be the Buggy Club Fehring who hosted the 2018 event, all those who attended had a great time at this cracking facility. The EFEA notice is below.

efra 2020 venue change 

The UK LSOR community is buzzing with this news and the possibility of a return to Walters cracking track in Austria.

If you are reading this and wish to be part of the 2020 UK team then send me an email, confirming which class you wish to race in and once received your interest will be noted and you will receive an email within 7 days with details on how to pay to confirm your interest in a place.

Like previous years the section will be requesting full payment by October 31st to confirm your interest at the 2019 EFRA AGM in November as part of the 2020 UK team allocation. Those who have not paid ahead of the meeting will be part of an "interested" group and if the UK is not allocated its full team (confirmed and interested drivers) then this group will be the first to go on any reserve list with EFRA. 

Whilst I appreciate we do not currently have the 2020 Euros dates, it is typically late July finishing end July or around 1st August . The payment required by the end of October will be as per this years event fee of £140. If this fee is later amended following both the BRCA and EFRA AGM's any refund will be returned and likewise if we have a cap on our allocation and need to revert to class championship standings and are unsuccessful in getting you a place then a full refund will be offered.

Following confirmation at the 2019 EFRA AGM on the UKs allocation details will be provided on how and when to register on the EFRA race system.



Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman


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